Halloween Kit Kat

It was late last night when I remembered why I don’t typically purchase Halloween candy a month before Halloween. Four Kit Kats. Two girls. Thirty in a bag. Hershey’s was nice enough to send me this bag, as well as a few other beauties that we’ve admittedly opened and chomped, but I’ll have to be extra vigilent to save some for the Trick or Treaters.
Not that I’m not an admitted fan of the original Kit Kat, but it’s sometimes a little too sweet. While the Halloween version doesn’t have any particularly different coating or inner twist- it’s merely white chocolate dyed a pleasant pumpkin orange color, (still waiting on that boudin noir Kit Kat, Japan!) it’s still pretty damned good. The white chocolate isn’t nearly as sweet as its milky counterpart and with the wafers and creamy filling, tastes a lot like vanilla frosting.
While I won’t pretend that these have amazing health virtues or supplements, they’re tiny and three of them have 210 calories. Not that you’ll stop at three. I think that what’s so satisfying about a Kit Kat, such a classic treat, is how fluffy and crunchy the wafers are. Despite their literal smothering in chocolate, they maintain a light crunch similar to Panko. In a way, I’m sort of glad these didn’t reinvent the wheel, or in this case, the bar. While I would have jumped for joy to see a pumpkin or chai flavor, it’s refreshing to eat a regular old candy bar that is what it is and doesn’t try to mask its sugar content with whacky flavors and still remains festive. It was good- too good. I’d like to see more flavors that incorporate the white chocolate coating succeed on the market with the same level of restraint- hazelnut and maple come to mind.
Cat Cat enjoyed it, too. (Even though she was only allowed to bite the wrapper!)

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  1. Anon- can you tell it’s been a long day? 🙂 It’s white chocolate dyed orange. Just edited the review to clarify! Thank you for catching me!

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