Lenny & Larry’s Pumpkin Spice Protein Cookie

Confession: I am not over pumpkin spice. I know, it’s February. I should be expounding upon the next flavor of the month, like whatever post-prandial sugary delight we’re supposed to foist upon President’s Day. Hamilton Herbs de Provence? The abhorrent mint-infused flash in the pan come St. Paddy’s Day? Fuck no, give me red velvet and give me pumpkin spice or give me death. That’s all I want. Winter is a dearth of seasonal flavors; starting with peppermint and rum raisin and ending with the lukewarm return to all things watermelon at the start of April.IMG_20160217_182652268_HDRI received a selection of cookies from Lenny & Larry’s shortly after my surgery and hobbled around the house eating them, saving the clear best for last: pumpkin spice. The obvious inclusion of pumpkin puree puts it headless horsemanĀ and shoulders above the rest, as it fulfills 50% of the bargain of the titular name. Right, Starbucks?IMG_20160217_182547655_HDR
The result is delicious, considering that it is not only playing the role of cookie, but protein snack as well. It’s very almond-forward, almost marzipan infused with a nice amount of cinnamon. This makes way for a very dense, a sweet squash and yam flavor, not easily recognized as pumpkin, but arguably sticking the curcurbita to the curb. The texture is thick and soft, with the texture of a gluten-free cookie, crumbly at the edges and chewy towards the center with a solid heft. It’s a filling cookie, but doesn’t cram the concept of protein down your throat with each bite. It is well-disguised, carefully crafting 16g. of protein into the snack, although 380 calories for a whole cookie puts it into a realm above a casual snack.IMG_20160217_182504924Considering that I’m in the bulking phase of my last few months of training, they’re definitely something I’ll keep around for my own needs. They satiate easily and they’reĀ on the higher end of the protein spectrum, better than most bars on the market.rating8

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