Noosa Salted Caramel

Yogurt is swiftly becoming the new dessert. It has tried for years. Yoplait attempted flattery through mimicry, Yo-Crunch tried to fool you with Oreos, and Chobani initiated a Ted Cruz-level smear campaign on watermelon by replacing it with yogurt. Also, all of those omnipresent fro-yo chains. They still exist, sheeple, wake up. Noosa is now expanding its creamy, cow-milked goodness to a sweeter line beyond fruit inclusions, featuring salted caramel in its smaller-format containers.IMG_20160212_172341109The Bedfellow and I are constantly at an impasse based on our Noosa needs. She maintains that the smaller pods are sufficient to sustain her, along with a mango popsicle or some fruit, and I prefer the larger ones. In the case of the salted caramel, graciously sent to us (twice after FedEx goofed) by Noosa, it’s sweet enough that anything larger would be overbearing. The caramel has a mild flavor and is distinct on its own with a rich, creamy profile, not very salty, but it stands well. It’s thinner than I would like and drips, though this is not likely a result of the caramel but the incorporation of it mixed into the yogurt. The residual liquid likely mixes in and renders it more watery. IMG_20160212_172638641Adding a little Halen Mon sea salt incorporated a new level of depth unto the palate that was very gratifying and essential. The recipe definitely needs more sea salt if it wants to taut itself as a bona fide sea salt caramel. IMG_20160212_172458558Without it, it is sweet but a little flat, mainly creamy, milk-forward, and the caramel disappears into the larger yogurt base. With the addition of salt, nuttier notes come forward and the caramel began to taste more nuanced. It’s tasty, but in an effort to become approachable it blends into the crowd too homogeneously. It needs more aggression to stand out beyond its predecessors.rating7

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