Top Five Food Destinations around Miami, FL (and some of the Keys, too)

Jonas? We don’t need no stinkin’ Jonas. Or for that matter, snow. When J and I are hellbent on going on a trip, we go. We had planned a weekend in Miami for five months. In between that fateful plan and our return, I had surgery, school started,┬ájob schedules changed, homework happened, and United cancelled our flight three times in anticipation of the blizzard of the century.12548921_10206931638424450_7969587063519986387_nI know you know these palm trees don’t lie, baby.Processed with VSCO with b1 presetAfter a long delay, a surprise change to Delta, and baby’s first car rental, we made it to Miami, thus popping my final Southern travel cherry. Miami is a surreal, decadent place, rife with neon, low-slung and constantly awake. 12573939_10206935618243943_8329486243987921781_nWe marveled at the slip in the fabric of our Northern reality; the proliferation of palm trees on every corner, Cuban bodegas, dive supply stores where we would have ski outlets. We took many selfies. We made the same face, over and over and wandered around in seasonally inappropriate clothing.Processed with VSCO with b5 presetOn the flight home, I realized we didn’t eat much, at least not to the satisfaction of many trips. We were consumed with the car, traversing Route 1 for many an hour, that we focused mainly on the things we could carry along the way. Still, I believe we found the best of Florida, bite by bite.Processed with VSCO with m5 preset1. Brown butter + salt donut, The Salty Donut (Wynwood; Miami, FL)
This was the first stop on our breakfast tour, cut mercilessly short by ants before we were able to finish. Of the six (!) donuts we tried alongside an hour-long wait and a bomb-ass iced cereal milk latte (the bastard child of caffe con leche and Cap’n Crunch), we agreed that the brown butter and sea salt donut was the chief contender. Simplistic and strong, with a beefy punch of fleur de sel.
Processed with VSCO with c1 preset
2. Majik Water, Jugofresh (various locations around Miami, FL)
Admittedly, this grew on me- I was skeptical at first as it was as savory as the donut with very little sweetness to balance it out, but the oceanic boost and grown-up homage to lemonade was strangely good. Consider it Gatorade for the organic connoisseur, with a citrus kick. Processed with VSCO with g3 preset3. Fruity Pebbles cookie sandwich, Parlour Vegan Bakery (Plantation, FL)
Parlour is bringing back the 90’s, one cereal and lunchbox snack at a time, from Dunkaroos cupcakes to these killer Fruity Pebbles cookie sandwiches, stuffed with a cereal milk frosting and sandwiched between two cereal-infused cookies. All vegan, all awesome.┬áPick up a sick snapback while you’re there, too.Processed with VSCO4. Brick oven stuffed focaccia, Dolce Salato (Wilton Manors, FL)
Calling it now, after a beer at Laser Wolf, this is the best late-night snack in the FTL area. This is not your college’s pizza, but after you eat it, you’ll wish it was. The homemade focaccia with roast beef, arugula, fresh mozz, tomato sauce, and a peppercorn aioli, pressed in the brick oven, is a compact and delectable hybrid pizza and sandwich. Processed with VSCO with c1 preset5. Key lime pie, Blonde Giraffe (Tavernier, FL)
Without pie, there is no Keys, without the Keys, there is no key lime pie. I rest my case. While we dabbled in our research, we found that this was the most beloved of the bakeries down on the coast, and what a pie it was; creamy and rich, with a buttery texture and crispy crust. The limes have it, this is the ultimate dessert.

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  1. You really got around! Im in Broward County (live in Coral Springs, work in Plantation) so Im close to a couple places you visited. But you were all over! Thats a whole lotta driving for vacation! I sure hope you had some time to spend on a beach somewhere and people watch.

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