Hash House A Go-Go, Mohegan Sun Casino, Uncasville, CT

I’m calling it now; you haven’t eaten like a champion until you’ve had a meal that has been accompanied with food groupies. That’s right- our recent meal at Hash House A Go-Go at Mohegan Sun came with not one, but four food groupies, replete with oohs, ahhs, and cameras flashing from the table next door, eager to see what we were feasting on.

Hash House bills itself as twisted farm food; but you don’t have to be a farmer to eat here. Far from it- we encountered Jets fans, families, and more, all converging around manhole-sized pancakes. Hash House occupies a unique space in the market as it dazzles its guests with enormous portions served up creatively. Thanks to the crew at the restaurant and at Mohegan, we were served up a week’s worth of food and a ton of fun before the BrewFest.20151003_094054We started with a tipsy array of beverages- three tilted libations served in Hash House’s infamous slanted glasses. Our favorite was the Champagne Supernova, combining Riesling, champagne, elderflower liqueur, and mint for a mojito-esque cocktail with a kick. The famous BLT Mary was equally impressive, as was the layered, visually trippy watermelon cooler.20151003_094908The world is no stranger to Hash House- Adam Richman, Guy Fieri, and every blogger ever is inured to the seduction of their chicken and waffles, but I have some shocking news for you: chicken is so 2015; the protein of the future is pork! We stepped outside of the poultry and sampled the pork tenderloin benedict, trying to enjoy as many animals as we could. Look at this tenderloin- I’m pretty sure it’s as big as Babe. Stacked atop the ‘loin are scrambled eggs, fried fettuccini, and a drizzle of barbecue cream sauce, and it is anchored by a fresh buttermilk biscuit, heirloom tomatoes, griddled mashed potatoes, and smoked mozzarella. Holy pig. The magnitude of this dish was like a powerlifting ballerina- delicate flavors packed inside an enormous platter. The traditional Southern breakfast incorporated Mexican and Italian flavors for a quirky mélange. We barely finished a quarter of it before we were full, but it was exceptional- if your poultry is paltry, get on this pork, pronto.20151003_095034Of course, we’re egg-alitarian, and we couldn’t pass up the famous sage chicken and waffle platter, either. The chicken is tender, a little heavy on the sage and scallions, which overshadows the sweet maple and smoky bacon in the waffles, but it’s a hearty and filling dish, a clever take on an old classic. The balance of the dish could be improved with a little more spice- perhaps a kick of habanero in the maple syrup or a dash of sriracha on top to mitigate the rich flavors of the chicken and waffles.20151003_094844Our final entrée was a selection from the sweeter side of the menu, three massive slabs of caramelized banana and toasted pecan French toast made with Texas toast and covered in berries and housemade whipped cream, along with whole brûléed banana halves. The fruit and nuts were plentiful and the caramel soaked into the fluffy bread- definitely a treat you’ll want to share. Skip the syrup with this one, the toppings are enough.20151003_101919We inexplicably had room for dessert after our breakfast bacchanal and tucked into the boat-sized Snickers bread pudding, made for four. Chunks of fresh Italian bread are soaked in cream, chocolate, and mixed with heaps of crushed Snickers bars and baked until gooey and soft. The resulting mountain is topped with a mound of fresh whipped cream, ice cream, and hot fudge, along with more Snickers bars. Halloween came early this year.

So, answer these questions: are you hungry? How hungry? Do you want to feed a family of six? Did you recently eat a family of six, and do you need a palate cleanser of chicken, waffles, and pork tenderloin? The answer lies within the heaping platters at Hash House. Sincere thanks to the Hash House and Mohegan team for hosting our pre-breakfast and beer breakfast and beer-a-thon. And for sending us home with a week’s worth of leftovers.

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