Pinkberry Strawberry Margarita & Blueberry

Writing to you from the Windy City, a mere five hours fresh from a most modernist dinner, at the helm of a hotel desk, I stand. Well, sit. And as I consider the scientific debauchery of the well-oiled machine comprising Alinea and its staff, I leave you with a Pinkberry review in my absence.20150828_133302Pinkberry recently came out with a few end-of-summer flavors, blueberry and strawberry margarita, and sent me a gift card to coordinate a few reviews. They’re coming out with more flavors than Nintendo is coming out with Pokemon and we stopped at the mall to check them out. Pinkberry is slowly replacing the pretzel as the mall snack of choice. And I’m pretty sure Auntie Anne has already retired to Boca Raton or wherever it is that old pretzel mavens go to live their days in peace, away from the throngs of screaming pretzel fan mobs. 20150828_133319We tried blueberry with coconut, chocolate crispies,   and white chocolate chips. Astute readers will note that we took the bold route of not adding blueberries to our yogurt. Some, perhaps an unnamed partner in yogurt, would assert this was a mistake on our part, but I prefer to maintain that it was a creative decision of the most calculated nature. Despite, or perhaps as a result of, this brilliant maneuver, it was our favorite flavor. The toppings were all complementary and the yogurt itself was mild in flavor but true to nature, gently fruity and floral.

Strawberry margarita fared well but lacked the panache in inception that its advertisements and flavor alchemy beckoned. The base was all strawberry, but the margarita was waiting until five. No hint of lime, and the salt rim was reduced to a small shake of flavored sugar and salt, which disappeared into the cream and chocolate before any tang could emerge. The toppings, though colorfully congruent, were not as successful here, either. Perhaps this would work better as a shake, both as an homage to the cocktail and for an added punch of sour flavor from the greek yogurt that Pinkberry incorporates into their smoothies.rating6

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