Amoda Tea: August 2015 Subscription Box

I’m a relatively classy guy and let the record show that if you want to up your sophistication, tea is the way to go. Fact: the best way to distance yourself from the bustling screams of the derelict on the streets below and the sounds of angry dogs fighting over garbage is not opiates, but oolong. I recently received a box of the good, leafy stuff from Amoda Tea, a Canadian company running a curated subscription box service, and tried out the goods for your consideration.IMG_20150827_160843024_HDRAugust’s box was all about the end of summer- fruity, jammy flavors and classic leaves to beat the heat. Of the four, my favorite was the apricot oolong. It had less of a ripe nose to it than I expected, with a strong, oolong-forward nutty note, but in the flavor, everything came together well. The sample sizes were a little scant. I liked receiving the variation, but simultaneously would have preferred three larger-sized servings over four smaller ones. Nevertheless, one tablespoon made a teapot’s worth (roughly six cups) of strong tea, with a wheaty edge that reminded me of an apricot granola bar. It was a luscious flavor, not bitter at all.IMG_20150908_185232873_HDRThe other flavors were high in quality, but some missed the mark. I vastly appreciated the inclusion of the vintage violet tea, a white blend infused with violets, but the somewhat cloying, musky nature of the flower bothers me, so I gave it to the Bedfellow, who loves them. Passionfruit, a rooibos, was arguably the most versatile and made a delicious iced and hot tea. The darjeeling was textbook delightful, but again, I’d have preferred three larger bags over four smaller, and ultimately that would have been my last decision. Even with my disdain of violet, I favor oddities over the ordinary.

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