Wuji, Scarsdale, NY

A few weeks ago, John and I took a meandering drive to Scarsdale (including a drive through a residential area holding no promise of any restaurants, Chinese or otherwise) for dinner at Wuji, the latest restaurant from cb5 Restaurant Group out of Greenwich, CT. Wuji combines fresh, local ingredients with traditional Chinese recipes and a hell of an eye for decor. We came, we sat, we ate the entire menu.IMG_20150819_193456082_HDRIt was a lively evening; our wine glasses were never empty and plates were constantly coming out. We made it in time to snag a few appetizers- lettuce wraps, rangoons, and delicious, meaty spare ribs. And then, the feast began.

IMG_20150819_191525414_HDRWuji has perfected fried rice. I don’t care if you’re taking a helicopter in from Midtown or the Metro North from Norwalk, get thee to Scarsdale and get your hands on this rice. It makes carbs worth it and their treatment of meat is not to be ignored, either. Each grain is crispy and tender, coated in flavor, and balanced, either with fresh vegetables, sauce, or an egg yolk perched on top.IMG_20150819_191053982_HDREqually impressive were the noodles, lightly sauced and tossed with pieces of tender pork. IMG_20150819_193930153_HDRWuji excels with meat as well, though some proteins are given a better treatment than others. Overall, we preferred the chicken and beef to the seafood, which, although tasty, lacked the zing in flavor that the other dishes had. The tangerine beef in particular stole the show, swapping lackluster orange juice for a double punch of orange zest and tangy tangerine juice coating each piece of meat.IMG_20150819_190210690_HDRPeking duck was decent, though lower in a breast to leg ratio than I’d have preferred. Fresh pancakes, fennel, and hoisin sauce completed each wrap quite well.IMG_20150819_192634531_HDRJohn was both pleased and sad, as he’d had Chinese for lunch that day, so on one hand, to find Chinese so masterfully done outside of Flushing was a dream, but knowing he’d have to drive to Scarsdale to get it made him cry into our pepper beef. Although the fact that he still wanted to eat it was a great testament to Wuji’s quality, no doubt.IMG_20150819_195618439_HDRIt was a marvelous evening- Wuji has elements yet unturned, like cocktails, that we’re eager to see develop, but adds a nuanced, fashionable element to the traditionally staid atmosphere of the Scarsdale downtown area.

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