Big Bamboo Jamaican Irish Moss Peanut Drink

I don’t know if I can adequately vocalize the specific brand of rage I reserve for U2’s “Do They Know It’s Christmas?” Yes, I know it’s by Band Aid. But with the level of simpering, holier-than-thou pretension, they may as well have just said it was all Bono. Seriously. That’s not a Christmas song, because it contains a distinct lack of singing reindeer, beleaguered couples, and commercial joy. Also, because it’s not Christmas in East Haven. Case closed.
And don’t even get me started on Christmas Shoes. I mean, seriously, songs that are marketed toward a strictly Christmas audience (different from a Christian audience, but similar to an audience that responds positively toward the music played in department stores) are not automatically Christmas songs. Likewise, flavors that appear to be holiday-themed may, in fact, be the exact opposite.
I don’t know what holiday Irish moss officially represents. Let’s go with “Pick that thing up and put it in your mouth! Day” because like mushrooms, this drink is primarily derived from a food that should have never been consumed in the first place- Chondrus chrispus, also known as carrageen moss. Unlike mushrooms, it’s used as a popular aphrodisiac in Jamaica, colloquially “putting the lead back into your pencil.” Hi-ho, Ticonderoga, indeed. Did I mention this is inexplicably called the Big Bamboo? Fear for me, readers. Also, pray.
So I bought this because it was 75 cents and had snowflakes on it, which I now realize are an artist’s renditions of Irish moss and peanuts, hence my associating it with holiday foods. If soda was a nightmare, this is what would appear out of the darkness just before you wake up, biting off your head and lower intestinal area. Actually, I partially take that back. This isn’t really a soda, though it comes in a soda can. It looks like I’ve been suckered into buying another one of those FEMA nutritional drinks again. The nutrition facts on this read like a Stephen King novel. I’m not sure why someone put a peanut butter milkshake in a soda can and labeled it as a marital aid- maybe for Homer Simpson? But here it is.
Also, the can tab displayed remarkably faulty craftsmanship as well as visual comedic gold. Classic, Irish Moss, classic. The beverage is tan and HOLY CRAP IT’S CHUNKY. No. No. No. There shouldn’t be visual, pointy chunks in a peanut butter milkshake. It smells inoffensive, like granulated sugar and Mary Jane candies. Like grandmothers, but so, so far from that. The consistency is a little gulp-worthy, with a thick, gelatinous pour. It separates easily and has a foamy, oily texture that leaves a sheen on the fingers. As I expected, the flavor is pretty decent, as most products with 98% milk, peanut butter, and sugar ought to be. It has a clean, persistent roasted nuttiness and a pleasant salinity from the seaweed. Two flavors that surprisingly work well together, neither one overwhelming or strangely flavored. The aftertaste was slightly metallic.
Aside from the sheer creepiness of drinking this, for the most part, it was innocuous and tasty, with a balance in sweetness that most soft drinks seem to miss. Of course, that still doesn’t account for the 33 grams of sugar, but at least you don’t feel like it’s rotting your teeth as you drink it. Unlike “Christmas Shoes.” The chunks, whatever the hell they were, dissolved before I had the chance to strain them out and examine them. Despite the Freudian euphemistic signs that are as overt as a Blue’s Clues show, I’m totally above telling you that everything about this drink reminds me of sex. Oh, damn it. I mean, come on! Flesh tone beverage? Gently shake before opening? I’m not crazy. As for the side effects? Let’s just say that I didn’t feel any enhanced mistletoe interactions or heavily decked halls. Because those are completely meaningless terms, and I’m a Jewish girl. Damn you, Big Bamboo! Damn you to hell!

One thought on “Big Bamboo Jamaican Irish Moss Peanut Drink”

  1. Dang. You really took one for the team on this “beverage.” (I’m putting it in quotes because I’m unconvinced that’s what it really is).

    I like to consider myself a pretty daring food person, but this? No. Just no. That whole concept is just wrong.

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