Southern Boy Teas Rainbow Sherbet

Garlic bread, cheesecake, and cotton candy are not foods people, on a whole, would prefer to consume in liquid form, yet through the magic of modern-day science and free time, we now have that option. I ordered ten of the strangest iced tea flavors from Southern Boy Teas (garlic bread not included…I mean, we know how that’s going to end) last week to put them to the test. Since I’ve been home, I’ve really been getting into tea. Rather, my laziness has. Throughout my one-bedroom apartment, I’ve been placing strateagic (I swear that’s the last tea joke) stations to satisfy my craving. There are plenty of kettles to trip on.IMG_20150827_161855223_HDRI settled for flavors that I thought I would drink, but that also stepped out of the box of dowdy notes. I wanted modern, flamboyant. Birthday cake. Unfortunately, the execution of these is a difficult one. I’ve tried flavored tea before with varied results. DavidsTea manufactures a birthday cake tea that melts wax sprinkles all over the surface. Similar chip-based teas perform similarly. Yet these teas had constantly high ratings. So, rainbow sherbet was put to the test. And it really did taste like rainbow sherbet- a creamy aftertaste, sour fruity top notes mixed with milkiness, but it had a bitter note even after I took the teabag out of the jug I was using.IMG_20150827_161845268_HDRThe caveat of unique flavors encompasses the age-old question, ‘which food could you eat every day for the rest of your life?’ on a smaller scale. If you answered, “I could definitely eat a gallon of rainbow sherbet,” this might be a tea you’d like. If you answered literally everything else, like me, you’ll tire of the astringent, sour candy flavors after the first few cups. But for a novelty in the dog days of August, it’s a hard act to follow. Leave your oolongs on the table for a day and try this, but don’t let it replace your standard roster of teas.rating3

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