The Top Five Coffees in Austin, Texas

We were so smitten with Dai Due in November that we completely forgot to wax poetic about the rest of Austin– the beautifully walkable streets, the gorgeous views of the city from up above, the amazing pie, the meat, and the coffee we ate. And now, our five favorite coffees that kept us chugging from noon to night.wpid-img_20141106_111959836.jpg1. Beware Coffee
Is this place the best because their website has a mint green background, a looping Twin Peaks gif, and an address? Yes. Is it also the best because they pour a beautiful, foamy, coconut milk and cardamom-laced flat white in handmade mugs? Also yes. Run out of a vintage green Airstream big enough for two, this charming joint has the best coffee in the city. We were there for three whole days so yeah, we’re experts.
wpid-img_20141106_124714209.jpg2. Flat Track Coffee
Flat Track is a hidden closet-sized espresso machine shop selling espressos and shop rags in the back of a book store. It is not to be missed. Browse esoteric journals, vintage motorcycles outside, and Austin-made colognes while you sip your coffee. It was perfect on a rainy day.
wpid-img_20141105_133729253.jpg3. Houndstooth Coffee
Located in the middle of the Financial District, Houndstooth serves up killer coffee in a chic, spacious environment. Their specialty coffee, roasted just outside of the city, was fruity and sweet, with a nice nuttiness on the back palate. Great, knowledgeable staff.
wpid-img_20141108_145008544.jpg4. Summer Moon Wood-Fired Coffee
wpid-img_20141105_184511184.jpg5. Easy Tiger Bar & Bakery
Easy Tiger has a plethora of treats from beer and baked goods to a massive charcuterie plate that we all but cleared clean, but the iced coffee stole the show- a massive pour that rivals the foamiest head on Rainey Street.

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