The Top Five Coffees in Toronto, Canada

I’m a douche, but I’ll never be later than a month. Still a douche. It’s okay. I’m here. State of the union, I have a job and will be exploring and documenting Pittsburgh. Judging by my current poor track record, that will show up on your newsfeed sometime in October or possibly when I’m in my mid-forties, it’s hard to keep track at this point. I’ll try to keep up, you just keep on hangin’. This compilation of curated coffees was from March, when The Bedfellow and I drove to Toronto over spring break. Cool city, cooler coffee, and coffee cocktails to boot. Back to whey soon enough, but for now, check out our coffee picks here.wpid-img_20150305_170850009_hdr.jpg1. Dark Horse Espresso
This was the first coffee we had when we hit the town, a mere couple of yards from the apartment we rented, and it kicked the ass of the flat whites we’d recently been sipping. Thick and white on top and strong on the bottom with a shot of espresso to awaken tired eyes from a long day on the road.
wpid-img_20150308_182419572.jpg2. Balzac Coffee Roasters
Set in the back of the historic Distillery District of the city, Balzac has the pleasure of featuring both beautiful coffee and local art from around the city. This warm, sweet drink, the Nordique, featured local maple syrup, vanilla, and cardamom with almond milk for a touch of creaminess. Their strong base coaxed the sweeter ingredients into a manageable and warm beverage on a cold afternoon.
wpid-img_20150306_154229443_hdr.jpg3. Red Rocket Coffee
Red Rocket is a one man show, with the barista pouring, chatting, making change, and cleaning with finesse and talent. The flat whites here were no exception to his perfectionism, with a fruit-forward, creamy base underneath a thick head made with Reunion Coffee’s fine blends.
wpid-img_20150306_164629034_hdr.jpg4. Tango Palace Coffee
We stopped here after a stroll into a few markets and art shops in the neighborhood, as well as a bomb sandwich at Caplansky’s. The flat whites here were lighter than the Dark Horse, but no less fragrant- the perfect drink to sip before we discovered the car had been towed.
wpid-img_20150308_201814471.jpg5. Voodoo Child
This is an exception to straight coffee, but messed with the caffeinated binary all the same. Voodoo Child plays with bourbon like you play with your Sims- long, hard, and to the death. The Bearded Barrista has Jim Beam, amaretto, cynar, crushed coffee beans, and bitters, while the Kimmy Darling has Buffalo Trace, cold brew ice cubes, and blackberries. Booze and beans have never found a better match.

That’s all for now, but expect more on Toronto this week, including a carb and croissant extravaganza, and a little more from November’s trip to Austin, TX, too. Keep reading and stay tuned!

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