Patric Chocolate Limited Edition Double-Vanilla Orange Sherbet Chocolate Bar

There’s something ridiculously indulgent about having a full bar with no perforations or implicit ideas about how you should parcel it out. Patric’s emblazoned signature implies one rule- eat it. And you should, because it’s the older, more sophisticated brother of a Terry’s Chocolate Orange, with deeper, oiled nuances and natural caramel and butterscotch notes to make the unctuousness off the charts like a fruit off the tree from another planet. And yes, it’s milk chocolate- and not just milk chocolate, milk chocolate with whole milk powder for that dreamsicle dream. Sue me, that’s my favorite. It has a deep bone-like snap and satisfying thickness with a fresh aftertaste that reminds me, to the letter, of a coffee I had in St. Louis at Kaldi’s Coffee, a Mexican coatepec cold brew that really manages to evoke the sherbert that the name implies.DSC_2572I just love the ballsiness of this. Patric is a classic, well-known specialty chocolatier among those in the know with consistently fine processes and sourced beans and emblazoning limited edition across the front with such an audaciously summery flavor in this shitty April weather makes me really pleased. DSC_2574Pleased enough to eat the whole bar, and even more pleased to savor it. Reading chocolate notes is like reading a contract- if it says it’s a ginger, sea salt, and lime-chile bar, it could have those things blended in, or it could be some blunderbusted tasting notes based on the beans to better sell the product.DSC_2569This delivers- the chocolate, arguably damned fine, is almost ancillary to the citrus and bourbon-heavy vanilla bean here. The double-vanilla is a blurred line- it comes in certainly from the vanilla beans, but I don’t know if the doubled part is a note in the chocolate or from somewhere else. Either way, summer is coming and I don’t want to be standing in line for a Choco Taco when I could be luxuriating in the A/C with one of these in hand.rating10

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