Marley’s Mellow Mood Relaxation Drink

Believe it or not, this drink wasn’t created or endorsed by John Grogan’s loveable yellow laborador. I know, I was disappointed, too. For those of you who are into Marley, though, the Bob one, this drink might come as a pleasant surprise. Marley’s Mellow Mood Relaxation boasts yet another way to get your sleep on. Because nothing relaxes you like a tie-dyed assault of colors, and 29 grams of sugar per can, right? Jah, mon, and that’s all you’ll hear from me.
The can boasts a lofty goal of considering this a dietary supplement, like a Flintstones multi-vitamin. While I’m sure there’s at least one person out there who is actively making this a part of their day-to-day routine, the vast majority of you can stop holding your breath. There are better relaxation supplements out there, and I doubt any of them taste like home-fermented fruit leather. The drink says it’s berry flavored, but tastes more like berries that have been sun-dried with every intent of being made into macro granola but were sadly forgotten in a head shop for a few months. There’s a raisiny note to this, and it’s fairly strong, persistent flavor that lingers throughout each sip. I’m no stranger to slightly medicinal flavors in energy or relaxation drinks, but this gave the beverage a synthetic and creepy edge that inspired me to go through my Stranger Danger checklist one more time. It tastes like bottled mall incense, the kind that comes packaged with a free angry warrior statue.
It’s lightly carbonated and has a watery, floral flavor with a medicinal bite against the fermented berries scent, but holds very little appeal for me as it lacks the fresh flavors of most fruit-flavored sodas. Its flavor does mirror its mission statement in that it is a fairly murky, lazy soda, but unfortunately, that translates to a dismal drink. Color me affected by my own childhood, but drinking it left me with unpleasant memories of taking cherry Robutussin when I was sick. I immediately regretted the two sips I took, as I wasn’t so much relaxed as I was sluggish after trying a little of this and aching from the sugar. Every time you drink this beverage, a dentist earns a $20,000 bonus. This might work if you’ve had a tough day playing Ultimate and need a break, but nevermore, Tuff Gong, nevermore. I may have got the beverage, but I didn’t get no ecstasy, not in the slightest.

23 thoughts on “Marley’s Mellow Mood Relaxation Drink”

  1. It’s in a martini glass and you skipped the proprietary blend. Do you evaluate redbull the same way? Sugar content and in a martini glass? “fuck that ingredient shit”

  2. Wow, the people who comment on this drink are ANGRY. Wouldn’t wanna fight these toughies, no way! Are your funds tied up in Bob Marley’s non-profits or something?


  4. Yikes, guys, calm the hell down. Maybe now is the right time to review the new Bob Marley coffee and transfer some of this aggression! 🙂

  5. this review suxx…but on the real note…i wouldnt drink more than 1 can per day….this shii makes your heart rate shoot sky fuckin high….i almost had a heart attack while sippin that and driving…and im young as fuck….be better off with a redbull on monster…

  6. Isnt this drink supposed to make you relax? Why drink it when drving? Why drink at SCHOOL? It even says on it not to drive when drinking it…And I dont understand how it can make your heart rate go high if its supposed to make you “relax”? I like the drink, the taste isnt that bad and it does what it says.

  7. The tea’s are really good. They definitely relax you. It is apart of my day to day but I drink then at night or if Im stressed.

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