Royal Sport Charge Blood Orange BCAA-SAA

Royal Sport is the sleek king of the supplement world– eschewing the bulky, half-filled tubs of whey protein and creepy creatine supplements, covered in monsters like a sixth grader’s trapperkeeper for a matte design with minimalistic typeface. It’s what I imagine hipsters would have started on Etsy before Etsy sucked balls, kickstarted with sticker rewards, and then sold to GNC as an exclusive line. They’re made by Cellucor as a GNC exclusive and come in whimsical flavors and high prices.wpid-wp-1427652678112.jpegCellucor sent me a full-sized jar of their BCAA-SAA supplement in blood orange. The inclusion of SAA was pleasant here- some of the others I’ve tried rely exclusively on BCAA and the extra boost of glutamine here allows it to remain versatile as a pre or post-workout drink. The immediate impression en face is deft- the packaging is concise, colorful, and in a retail setting, would pop off the shelves with its visually appealing stripes and violet base. 

For a blend, it works out well. I tried this in three ways- once in a glass, no mixer, one with a blender ball, and the third in a blender with strawberries and water to create more of a juice. All three applications exceeded my expectations. While the plain, non-blended one had chalky residue at the bottom, the liquid was smooth and helped me maintain steadiness and concentration during my reps. Using it as a post-workout formula, it helped settle me and although I haven’t yet noticed any particular immediate aftereffects, it gets me back to the gym more quickly than usual and in fighting form and quickly alleviates most of the soreness I get, especially in the glutes following heavy deadlifting.wpid-wp-1427652710893.jpegFlavor-wise, it’s odd. The scent is identical, down to the dark Dutch notes, to a Terry’s chocolate orange, which gives some serious dissonance to the experience as the flavor is distinctly straight out of Tang. It’s pretty one-noted in flavor and doesn’t really evoke that juicy, sanguine blood orange flavor so much as just…orange, but it is tolerably tasty, not overly acidic, and the blending capacity allows me to overlook the odd scent, although now I’m tempted by the idea of a chocolate whey and blood orange blend.rating7

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