Pink Peppercorn Orange Chicken and Soba Salad

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of IC for Blue Dragon. I received product samples and a promotional item to thank me for my participation. No bias, no BS, no bad recipes. Enjoy. DSC_1984I love Chinese food. Unfortunately, the Chinese food around Hartford, with the exception of the lip-tingling Shu, tastes as if it’s all sourced from one underground tap-based factory gurgling from the bottom of the city somewhere near Waterbury. It’s bad. And it’s all the same- bad takeout containers, lukewarm food. Thankfully, we have a massive Asian grocery close by and a few decent places to whet my whistle for decent Chinese cuisine, so I’m able to try my hand at it when I have the chance. And the more I enjoy the authentic recipes and flavors, the more weird, hipster things I can do in the privacy of my own home, hence this pink peppercorn orange chicken and soba salad.DSC_1968The key ingredients are pickled orange rinds with pink peppercorn, made in advance by boiling vinegar, peppercorn, water, salt, Chinese honey, and sliced, slivered orange rinds together. It can be chilled for up to a month in the curing liquid. When you’re ready to use the orange and make the recipe, the rest is as easy as ordering out, thanks to a few key supplies from Blue Dragon. This is a chilled salad, but it requires a few easy wok essentials. I start by cooking my chicken- marinated in Blue Dragon Szechuan Pepper sauce for an extra kick, then grilled, chilled, and shredded into bite-sized pieces that will cling to the noodles. The chicken will poach as it cooks. The company makes five sauces- perfect and easy to buy and use to make instant Chinese food. Bam! And you don’t even have to tip the delivery guy.DSC_1982Once the chicken is done, don’t wash out the wok- add enough water to cook the noodles. The fat from the chicken and residual flavors will infuse into the soba noodles. Drain once done and squeeze a little lemon, flavored salt, and sesame oil over the top. Mix the noodles with the chicken and pickled oranges, and serve them from the wok to your guests, or eat them yourself! It’s a delicious and peppery dish with a sweet, sour kick.DSC_1980Wanna make your own #BlueDragonMeals at home? I have a giveaway for anyone who does- Blue Dragon and Millenial Central are offering up a shiny new wok just like this one, a spatula, chopsticks, take-out containers, and Blue Dragon sauces so you can make your own takeout at home. Enter on Instagram here by commenting on this photo and I’ll pick a winner by the 19th! See if they’re sampling in your area, too- MA Hannaford locations, as well as others, are participating. The closest to me in Marlborough, MA, on 2/7, from 11-5PM. Contest entrants are only eligible to win once per sweepstake, per household as part of a campaign sponsored by Influence Central.

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