Gross Food Week #3: Jeff’s Chocolate Soda

Guys, I just discovered instagram. And you know what else I discovered? Jeff’s Chocolate Soda. And you know what else I just discovered, today? The futility of mankind and the heartbreaking realization that we’re all doomed, man, you know? Probably as a result of this soda’s existence. All three are connected. Come, let’s take a journey.
Jeff’s Chocolate Soda, found in a Stop and Stop but easily purchased at, the only non-porn website on the planet with an extremely porn-like name, is the end of mankind. Nowhere else can a label entice you with 50’s style clip art graphics and brutally pervert you with a singular message. Get creamed. And by all means, the package warns you, do not shake this beverage. Why that is is not explicitly stated, but I think we can all figure out the rest.
The chocolate soda is 97% fat free and 99% flavor free, too, and allows you to get your daily recommended value of authentic Tootsie Roll flavor without compromising your lack of dignity. The soda smells like marshmallow cream and is a little salty, a scent that, combined with its visual euphemisms, makes this feel like an episode of dirty Blue’s Clues. Luckily, this off scent disappears quickly after opening the bottle and does not translate to the drink’s flavor. It has a thick texture that straddles a line between saliva and whipping cream- not quite solid, but nearing dangerous levels of mucus. It comes out of the bottle matte brown with a few runny bubbles on its surface. It’s not a very appealing beverage for this and many other reasons.
I will give it this; for a soda containing one gram of fat, it certainly packs an enjoyable and authentic Dutch chocolate flavor. It is fair, simple, and immediately chocolatey- again, much like a Tootsie Roll. That’s presumably also where the 48 grams of sugar (per 12 ounces) come in. With a soda like that, who needs enemies? This is a scant 5 grams of sugar away from beating out Sunkist as the world’s worst soda, according to Men’s Health. If poor Paula Deen wasn’t already diagnosed with Type II Diabetes, one or two of these would have easily done the trick.
Unfortunately, I can’t say I’m impressed. This soda’s future is bleak if the company thinks it can ride with the big boys successfully on sugar and catcalls alone. For the sake of my health and my sense of humor, Miss Love and I will be sticking with something lighter and will likely find a more satisfying way to get creamed without all that fluff.

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