Cellucor Red Velvet Whey Protein

To clarify from yesterday’s rhetoric: I am on a diet. It does not include cookies. After a grueling gym set to offset my crapital gains, I switched one red velvet for another and tried the well-timed package from Cellucor, featuring samples from their whey protein line and Royal Sport brand, available exclusively from GNC. Cellucor, as far as I can tell, is the only decent supplement company on the market making a red velvet whey protein isolate, which is awesome. I’ve lauded Cellucor before- clean protein, gluten and sugar free in most cases, and excellent blendability. This new flavor is no less awesome and accurately mimics red velvet cake, cream cheese and all. They sent over a four-serving sample bag and after my first glass, I ordered a 2lb. jug out of sheer addiction. This might be better than COR-Fetti, I’m telling you that.DSC_1597I mix my supplements with milk rather than water- I think the nutrients are important and am willing to have the extra calories and fat over having an unappetizing shake. Without a doubt, this is the best milk-based shake I’ve made. I’m afraid to try it with my go-to, vanilla almond milk, just because of how great it is with whole milk. The creaminess in the whey really enhances the cake batter flavors, and gives a sweet, frosting edge to it. I even went as far as to blend half whole milk and half fat-free kefir with this to achieve the cream cheese frosting flavor. Go hard, Foodette, go¬†hard.

DSC_1615The flavor is predominantly an even blend of cocoa and cake batter whey protein isolate, with very little edge and a nice, thick, fluffy texture. It has a pinkish color rather than bright red like the cake, but I’ll give Cellucor the benefit of the doubt and assume that’s what red velvet cake would look like in a blender, anyhow. With 8 oz. of water, the shake has the consistency of batter, almost sludge-like, with 12 oz., it is more manageable despite still being thick. But that’s how I like ’em. It has the same nutritional powerhouse the other whey shakes have- 25g. of protein per scoop, clean as a polished floor. And it’s freaking awesome to boot. Cellucor also cooks well- much better than more dextrose-high whey proteins that tend to turn blacker than others, and now I’m excited to see if I can make a feasible red velvet cupcake with this, too.rating10

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