Target and Archer Farms Super/Puppy Bowl Giveaway!

The Puppy Bowl is this weekend. What’s that, forlorn jersey-wearer? You say there’s something else, too? What, did I miss your birthday? I celebrate no other event this week, unless said event includes chew-toy interceptions and fluffy wummy paw-paw tackles.
Because of the Puppy Bowl (okay, really in commemoration for the Super Bowl!) Target and Archer Farms have provided me with a bevy of awesome goodies to send to one lucky reader. That’s right, two simultaneous giveaways. Just how you like it. Comment on this post and tell me what your favorite Puppy Bowl contestant is. If yours matches mine, you win! I won’t post the winner until Sunday evening, so multiple people will have the chance to win…if you all guess correctly. Even through they snubbed Corgi dogs again.
(image courtesy of That Cheap Chick)

The prize pack includes:
Archer Farms Blue Flax Corn Tortilla Chips
Archer Farms Corn, Black Bean, and Roasted Pepper Salsa
Archer Farms Buffalo Style Blue Cheese Dip Mix

Trust that I will be creating a Chopped-style recipe with these components later on in the week. Comment now! Puppies! Puppies!

THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER: Anonymous, you are the winner, and thank you for picking my favorite puppy! I loved Abilene!

12 thoughts on “Target and Archer Farms Super/Puppy Bowl Giveaway!”

  1. I’m bummed about the Corgi snub – my husband’s family has had 2 amazing, funny Corgi’s! That little Gracie has my heart though.. and she’s a workout fiend, so she’s a girl after my own heart.

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