Noosa Pumpkin Yoghurt

If I review one pumpkin product in any given year, it will be the best damned one I can find, and at the moment, I have a sample size population of one, because I refuse to bow to the wills of the god of pumpkin spice, Femcanis Basicious. This is Pumpkin Noosa, and it is not for breakfast. Have you ever wanted to lick pumpkin pie batter out of the mixing bowl? Of course you haven’t, you sick freak. God made cakes for that and cakes alone. Well, thanks to Noosa, you can fulfill that perversity in the quiet of your own home and the silent organization of Target’s buying lists. This yogurt is so uncannily resemblant of pie filling in a dessert that it ought to be legally labeled as such, instead of a breakfast food. Field trip to the FDA? Field trip to the FDA? No takers? Man, you guys suck. rsz_dsc_0632There are pumpkin pie spices here, of course there are, but more importantly, this tastes like bonafide pumpkin. Eating this is the equivalent of sticking a gold dollar in your mouth and testing its purity, to give a little shout out to all my California Gold Rush reenactor readers. There is pumpkin here, and it goes past the creamy, rich yogurt, gives it a high five, and delivers fresh, vegetal squash celebration to your mouth. Isn’t that what you wanted? Victory, thy name is Libby’s, perfection, thy name is Noosa. Like the lemon curd before it, this yogurt works best when it uses the intensity of the base to coexist with the yogurt. In this case, the acidity is brought out to create a flavor not unlike cream cheese to counter the pumpkin. DSC_0633In short, it’s very good- the fact that it has an amorphous, more combined flavor rather than poisonous amounts of cinnamon gives it the edge of tasting less seasonal than it is marketed to be. It’s accessible to a year-round point, and one that I think should certainly make it into the Target rotation, if not an overall new line of flavors. Although if this is a foray into seasonal treats, Noosa, I implore you, ditch the peppermint, bring on the mincemeat. rating9

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