Holiday Appetizer: Grilled Thai Chicken Pizza

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. Let it be known that this will buy an undisclosed amount of imaginary cupcakes, because my personal trainer would prefer those over the real ones. DSC_0627Where has Foodette been? Is she an international mess of mystery? Has law school eaten her up and spat her out, briefs and all? Questions that nobody has asked thus far! Never fear, I’m relatively back- I’m cooking up recipes, crying into the 1934 Securities Act, and traveling out and about. A brief weekend in Austin yielded apartment flooding, a dead car battery, and a very angry Siamese cat upon return. Oh, and five Thanksgiving invitations to plan for. What’s an anonymous writer spitting words on the internet to do? Maybe cry. But better yet, maybe make a pizza. And whether you’re one of those adorable, charming hosts or hostesses with perfect Christmas parties on a Samsung commercial or an absolute wreck like me, this is a party appetizer that will certainly please you and your guests.

This easy grilled Thai chicken pizza fuses the tastiest and most gluttonous two snacks known to man- chicken satay, aka, grilled chicken and peanut butter, and freaking pizza. Yum.  Not a bad #HolidayAdvantEdge to me. I made mine even more sumptuous with the addition of carrots, a little cheese, and chopped wasabi almonds on top for extra crunch. Cilantro would have been the icing on top had I not forgotten it at Price Chopper, where I purchased all the ingredients- one easy stop for all of the items.wpid-wp-1416146288898.jpeg
So, am I a wizard, the kind that can whip up a pizza in less than 30 minutes without having any awkward conversations with pizza shops about buying their dough? I am not, I just used Pillsbury Crescent Rolls, all available at the Price Chopper Holiday Center. One pop of the package and I was ready to #GetMyBettyOn and make the crust. I smushed the triangles together and plopped it in a grill pan- three minutes on each side and it was ready to top, and I transferred it onto a cookie sheet for the next part.DSC_0623I was ready with my jar of Jif, and used that as the satay sauce base. Mixed with a little soy sauce, oyster sauce, chinkiang vinegar, and sriracha, it was creamy, spicy, and just a tiny bit sweet. The ratios are easily tinkered with depending on your personal preferences, and you can always add a little more water or soy sauce if it is too thick to spread. It melted easily onto the crust. I added a little cheese so that my chicken, cubed and grilled in soy sauce, would adhere easily, and then sprinkled the rest of the cheese on top. I like to sear the chicken to get a good crust and then cut it into cubes while it is par-cooked and finish them off in a sauce. DSC_0620Finally, a garnish of shredded carrots and chopped almonds completed the dish, which I sliced into eighths. It was promptly devoured and, according to one source who has repeatedly been subjected to my cooking experiments, dubbed ‘the best #CollectiveBias shoppertunity to date,’ which is quite the accolade here. Try it out for your parties or even just a basic Sunday dinner!

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