Komforte Chockolates: Savory Ramen and Apple Pie + Graham

Things that go well with chocolate: peanut butter, cookie dough, strawberries, human flesh, spoons, ice cream. Note that neither expensive shirts nor ramen noodles are on that list, yet both seem to come in contact with chocolate, at least in my case, on a regular basis. Featured for your viewing pleasure today is the newest bar from Komforte Chocolates, the company that brought you regular ramen noodle chocolate, tortilla and lime chocolate, French toast chocolate, and the letter K: Savory ramen chocolate bars and apple pie ‘n’ graham chocolate. College students with significant others, eat your goddamned hearts out. It is now appropriate to give your girlfriend ramen noodles as a gift.
Savory ramen is different from regular ramen in that, like you occasionally add a snazzy tie or ascot to your already dashing wardrobe, savory ramen adds soy sauce, onion, and garlic to its noodle-packed bar. Okay, maybe “snazzy” isn’t the right comparison. Eating this bar is more like wearing a pilled, smelly Christmas sweater to a black tie charity ball. It’s both weird and entirely inappropriate. What I am thankful for is that Komforte used dark chocolate as the base for this bar. What attempts to be quirky just comes off as gimmicky, and the end result, while not too sweet, just tastes like an everything bagel covered in chocolate, leaving an uncomfortable ambiguity to the bar’s classification: are you savory or sweet? The soy sauce is barely detectable but the garlic and onion are extremely forward in both the scent and the flavor, which makes for a strange set of textures and tastes when combined with the crunchy noodle pieces.
Following the trend of covering everything in chocolate like a deranged Will Wonka is the apple pie and graham bar. The tamer option of the two, this bar features my favorite pie base and my fifth-favorite pie filling. Together, the combination is a little strange. For whatever reason, the chocolatiers opted to not use graham crackers, but graham biscotti, but neither aspect of this cookie hybrid felt adequately represented in the texture. The graham was instead reduced to a mere whisp of cinnamon in the layers in the bar, lacking the grittiness I so relish when I bite into a cookie, and the apple subdued within the overall context of the bite. It was a bar primarily dominated by white chocolate- good if you’re a fan, disappointing if not.
After adoring some of their earlier selection, I hope the company continues to introduce new flavors. At the very least, it’s a low-risk way to spice up your standard milk ‘n’ dark chocolate routine.

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  1. i dig the savory-sweet combination that everyone seems to be all over these days (i was the kid dipping her bacon and sausage in maple syrup) but ohmygawd, garlic/onion with chocolate sounds horrific.

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