Chocolate Week #1: Sugar Plum Toasted O’s Milk Chocolate Cereal Bar

Well, you voted and the results are in: our March theme week is Chocolate Week! A very good choice if I do say so as I have a backlog of eclectic and fun chocolate treats for your viewing pleasure. Today’s selection, from BBF, kicks off the week with an appropriately early-morning treat- cereal and chocolate. Now, I know a few people who like cereal and know that the candy market is no stranger to the delicious marriage of breakfast and dessert. Just last week I was ogling the Trader Joe’s chocolate-covered Cheerios in the supermarket. Once this came in the mail, I knew it would be perfect for chocolate week.
Sugar Plum Chocolates boasts an impressive selection of chocolates ranging from the mundane to the magnificent, including a line of cereal-based chocolate bars. The box the bar is housed in is a bit large for the size of the bar, but super cute with a very clean, retro feel. Judging from the lightness of the bar, I expected this to be a sort of Rice Krispie treat and candy bar hybrid, where the Cheerios were held together with marshmallow or caramel and covered in chocolate. Instead, the bar was presented in a similar format to customizable bars- a plain milk chocolate base with a few scattered toppings.
Online, the bar’s beauty shot presents a treat densely packed with cereal on top. When I noticed the scant number of Cheerios in my bar, I was worried that their flavor and texture wouldn’t be easily detectable within the overall composition of the bar, but that fear was soon put to rest. The Cheerios added an airy, crisp texture atop the dense slab of chocolate and gave the sweet bar a lively malty overtone in addition to the caramel flavors within the milk chocolate.
The chocolate itself reminded me of gelt, with a slightly waxy bite but a smooth aftertaste. I would have liked to see more of a focus on the cereal and less of a focus on the chocolate, which, though delicious, took away from the novelty of eating the bar. Enjoyable, if not part of a complete breakfast, and it even comes with a prize inside the box. The company makes a few other flavors as well, and the bars can be purchased on their retail site or through BBF.

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