Caramel Apple Oreos

I’m home. Oh, god, I’m home. And instead of summery lemon and fruit Oreos or whimsical Rice Krispie cookies, we’re slammed with some back to school shenanigans of caramel apple. Apples are for teachers. Caramel is for jerks. The two combined include schedules, grades, and more curves than a poorly angled photo on Tinder. However, Caramel Apple Oreos might be pretty tasty. The internet has been all abuzz about these and at my local treacherous Target today, I found them, right next to the school supplies.wpid-img_20140824_190107020.jpgOooh, clever wording, Oreo. Caramel apple flavor crème Oreos mean we’re not going to be treated to poorly manufactured stick flavored cookies or even apple skin. Golden Oreos it is. Nobody likes those and I know it. The caramel and the apple are both in smooth cream form, with a slight grittiness like frosting mixed with Tums. Honestly, the new flavors keep getting worse. The apple, a sour apple flavor more suited to Warheads, is the dominant flavor while the caramel and the vanilla cookie, both too similar and mild, get left behind. The result is something like biting into a Yankee Candle, which makes Oreo capable of a new niche. Will we see Clean Linen Oreos next? Or perhaps Bay Leaf Wreath Golden Oreos, with pieces of real potpourri?wpid-img_20140824_190147946.jpgWhile the niche and holiday inclusion is always appreciated- perhaps a bleeding heart for mother’s day? this is poorly incepted and carries the unique feat of making caramel apples, a tasty but obnoxious snack, even worse by forcing them into compact cookie form.


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