Road Trip II: Atlanta to Asheville

Atlanta is a clever city- a combination of hilly Seattle and the funkier parts of Brooklyn. I stayed right in the center of downtown and meant to try some Southern delicacies, but was so impressed with the cocktails that I decided to do a little bar-hopping instead.wpid-img_20140816_220250.jpgI started off by walking to the White Oak Kitchen and Bar, not too far from the Omni. This bar had a selection of alcohol producers that bordered on obsessively well-curated. Art in the Age, St. George, Cathead, and enough bourbon to fell Ernest Hemingway. wpid-img_20140816_202805.jpgI sipped on the Mom’s Kitchen for a while- the fir-infused gin snuck up on me, and the flavors of the artichoke liqueur, rosewater, blueberries, and fennel were fresh and sweet. It was a beautiful drink.
wpid-img_20140816_205042.jpgThe bartender and I got to chatting and she gave me a few hefty shots of some of their newer selections- Cathead’s pecan vodka, smooth like a whiskey, and White Oak’s home-infused grain alcohol, made with fresh peaches and cane sugar. It went down like water and I walked back to the hotel in very high spirits.wpid-img_20140816_223758.jpgAfter a few hours, I went over to Ponce de Leon Street, known for its massive bar selection, and walked to a few good places for a few drinks- my personal favorite was the Bookhouse Pub, sandwiched in between a few bars and a laundromat. wpid-img_20140816_225547.jpgAs an avid Twin Peaks aficionado, I was pumped for both the reference and the ambiance, and the cocktail, the Audrey Horne (!), was one of the best I’ve had in a while- so good that I had two instead of ordering something different- yerba mate tea, mint-infused gin, basil, and lemon juice.
wpid-img_20140816_230108.jpgSweet with just a little bitter bite, like its namesake. The clientele and bartenders were convivial and kind, and I felt comforted being there, Spice Girls blasting on the TV above with Spanish subtitles.
wpid-img_20140816_212740.jpgI lingered at the hotel the next day with the balcony door flung open- it had been a long two days of driving and I wanted to relax and sunbathe. The air conditioner inside and the hot, muggy outdoors made for a beach-like experience in the heart of the city. wpid-img_20140817_180408.jpgI drove to Asheville, North Carolina this afternoon, passing through Northern Georgia with a landscape the likes of which I’ve never really seen before, winding through the mountains and the forest, dotted with odd eateries and little stands by the side of the road. I picked up pickled eggs and boiled Cajun peanuts at one trailer off N-23 and snacked on them on my way up.
wpid-img_20140817_152052.jpgI also made a stop at Krystal to see what the hype was all about- in the slider world, the rivalry is akin to Five Guys vs. In ‘n’ Out. Personally, I think White Castle makes a better burger, but these filled me up for the drive. wpid-img_20140817_185920.jpgAsheville is a foggy mountain town slash queer mecca, and I’m loving it already. I haven’t seen much outside of a lovely coffeehouse, Battlecat Coffee, and a few episodes of My Big Fat American Gypsy Wedding in my hotel room, but intend on exploring tomorrow once I decompress.

3 thoughts on “Road Trip II: Atlanta to Asheville”

  1. Go to French Broad in Asheville. Say hello to Daniel and Jael. Pick up parcel of new release(s) only; drop off in NYC on your up north.

    Thanks ;-]

    1. Daniel and Jael weren’t in, but I passed the message on and will possibly have a kilo of fine Columbian (cacao) on the way for you. 😉 I had a trifle in your honor!

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