Oreo Bits Sandwiches Ice Flavor Lemon

It’s silly to get so excited about the weather but Massachusetts is leading me on like a craigslist hookup. I mean, holy crap, 75 degrees and balmy, when did you show up? And why?! I spent it as any blogger should: inside and at my computer screen. I disintegrate in the outdoors, see. However, I thought I’d make it up to you by offering Japan’s latest and greatest summer treat, one of the tastiest Oreo incarnations this side of birthday cake.
Yes, I’m still elated about the new Oreo flavor, but with whomever’s heading Asia’s marketing team, it pales somewhat in comparison, like my white, pale skin to J-Lo’s, to flavors like coffee caramel, matcha, sakura, and banana. And now, lemon ice for summer, not-quite-guaranteed to cool you down. This was a gift from Miss Love and I’ve been waiting for a while to crack them open on the right occasion. Opening special gifts like these is a big deal for me, so I decided to check them out on our warmest day this winter.
They are stupendous. The Japanese Oreo cookie base is so much less sweet than ours and has a flakier texture and saltier flavor with an almost bittersweet cocoa base. Inside, the cream is also less sweet and has a distinct lemon flavor with a powdery aftertaste like confectioner’s sugar. This carried an extremely nostalgic flavor for me and reminded me of the Archway lemon sandwich cookies I liked to eat as a child with a soft, mushy interior and crisp outer layer that soaks up milk and still maintains its shape. They’re incredibly tiny, probably 3/4ths of the size of our Oreo miniatures and are easy to pop and chomp.
The lemon flavor is strong and has a slightly bitter rind flavor, softened by the sugar, that interacts well with the chocolate. While I can’t make any claims of it tasting too similar to an ice pop, as there’s no real cooling sensation involved, it’s a really excellent riff off a classic flavor.

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