The Seven Best Desserts in Las Vegas

True story, I love dessert. I don’t like sweet things, but I love dessert. And I went batshit in Las Vegas, going on an epic dessert tour before my actual dinners, culminating in a humiliating bout of tears into my Chilean seabass and gin and tearing up all the sugar on and off the Strip. Still, totally worth it. Note that some of these were comped, thanks to the magic and goodwill of Twitter, and some of these were paid for. Each is designated below.DSC_9238-21. Miniature terrarium, Sage Tempted as I was by the peanut butter and chocolate foie gras candy bar, this piqued my curiosity. This was both the best and most expensive dessert- the sole bite cost roughly $13, but what an amazing bite it was. The miniature terrarium was housed in a small globe that was unfortunately not edible- for that kind of cash, I want a sugar globe. The dessert was beautiful, both looking and tasting like a garden with a bitter microcilantro, basil gel, chocolate dirt crumbs, and candied sugar beets on top. ($13)DSC_9235-22. Corn soufflé, Jean-Georges Steakhouse By far the tallest dessert on this list, this soufflé was soft in the middle and crispy on top, housed in a Staub cast-iron pot and topped with a massive popcorn ball hiding a chipotle ice cream center. I’d have easily eaten this for an appetizer or dessert, but in either case, recommend sharing it with friends. I couldn’t finish the whole thing. ($14)wpid-img_20140802_104400233_hdr.jpg3. Red velvet waffle cone with red velvet ice cream, Sprinkles Sprinkles hooked me up with a ton of things, but this was my favorite. Hard to believe given the variety of cookies, cupcakes, and milkshakes, but the flavors here were all perfect and layered so well, from the warm, freshly made waffle cone, with just a hint of cocoa like a colorful pizzelle, to the ice cream, with chunks of cupcake and frozen frosting waves, topped off with homemade gooey marshmallow cream and an avalanche of cupcake crumbs. Surprisingly not too sweet and manageable to eat. (comped)wpid-img_20140803_110120416.jpg4. Homemade donuts with raspberry jelly, Morel’s Steakhouse After eating a large plate of cheese and meat and enjoying a bloody Mary, the staff at Morel’s presented these gorgeous donuts with whipped cream and raspberry jam piped in through the bottom. They blow munchkins out of the water and make local donut joints look lame as hell- these elevate donuts to a gorgeous, gourmet level with a thin dough, large sugar crystals, and a raspberry puree with a hint of mint. (comped)wpid-img_20140803_133203.jpg5. Thai tea with custard, yogurt bubbles, and rainbow mocha, Kuma Snow Cream Jet Tila’s ice cream joint off of Spring Mountain Road has a wide variety of customizable toppings and sauces. This month’s special, Thai iced tea, was creamy and shaved off a large block, topped with coconut condensed milk, a blob of yellow custard, popping yogurt bubbles, and chewy rainbow mocha. Very refreshing, and the sizes are deceptive- they look big, but even a small serving of ice fluffs up to enormous proportions in the shaver. Don’t forget a plush mango or Kuma bear. ($6)wpid-img_20140803_120847318.jpg 6. Banana cream pie, Table 10 Emeril’s Vegas restaurant has no shortage of treats here, but my favorite was the banana cream pie, topped off with homemade salted caramel and curls of Hawaiian chocolate, a first for me. It was bittersweet and nutty. The pie had more banana than cream, large chunks of fruit studded amid a cheesecake-like filling with a salty crust. (comped)DSC_9228-27. Suntory cappuccino, NOBU Typically, I’m not a fan of Asian desserts, but NOBU puts a nice spin on the flavors, especially with this Suntory cappuccino, served in a coffee cup with milk-flavored ice cream, a boozy Suntory foam, and a whisky and coffee pudding underneath, alongside chocolate crunchies not unlike Carvel’s. In the best possible way, of course. ($14)

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