Lotte “Pie no mi” Strawberry Cheesecake Mini Pies

I feel like an oversized pimp right now. I am sitting here eating miniature pies that would make a grown dinosaur break down sobbing, they’re so adorable. I know that the Lotte “Pi no me” miniature snack pies have been around long enough that they’re no longer a surprise to many people, but to me, eating anything in miniature makes it way more fun. I can finally pretend I’m eighty feet tall and eating whole pies. My fetish checklist is nearing to completion.
J-List sent over this springy pastry over, and from the look of the box Lotte has spared no effort in making this the most flamboyant package with the most adorable squirrels garnishing it. Beatrix Potter clearly designed this on a well-timed acid trip, because there are clothed animals and frantic photos of stylized pie everywhere.
The pies are strawberry cheesecake flavored and on the inside of the box, we’re presented with a suggestion to put six or seven of them in a bowl and cover them with ice cream, strawberry sauce, strawberry halves, and whipped cream. The squirrel in the chef’s hat told me to! And they say Japan is one of the healthiest countries. This almost puts the Windows 7 Whopper to shame.
Without the sundae part, though, the little pies are delightful to eat and almost too easy to enjoy. Each octagonal treat has a buttery, egg-brushed crust and a grainy filling similar to Oreo creme. The filling has a floral scent and lightly creamy flavor that isn’t too sweet, but adds the perfect amount of sugar to the crust. Each one is light and airy. My only complaint about the flavor is that the cheesecake inspiration was not very well executed. It was left to the wayside as a generically creamy flavor and didn’t impart the tanginess I expect from cheesecake.
LinkI love how puffy and crisp the pies are, but their flakiness and tender texture, combined with a 9,800 mile journey around the world, caused them to crumble easily and shed all over the bottom of the package. That makes quite the ice cream topping, but it did make some of the miniature pies a little bald and sad-looking. Still, they beat hand pies and blow regular pies out of the oven. These reminded Miss Love of raspberry cream cheese danishes.

You can snag these and other awesome treats at J-List!

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