Juicy Fruit-Infused Strawberry Cucumber Coolers

I participated in this campaign on behalf of Collective Bias and its advertiser and was compensated for writing this post. Seriously, if I don’t do these, I literally will not get home, or be able to buy that set of headless dog speakers I’ve had my eyes on. 

Arkansas is hot. Yes, the Northerner likes to complain. But I’ve been experiencing a weird dissonance when I waltz out of my temperature-controlled, 50-degree hotel room, into a 70-degree hotel, outside to a steamy, humid 90-degrees. Suffice to say, I’ve decided to institute a new workplace attire, ‘undershirt formal.’ And they call this a mild summer! In any case, I’ve needed to cool off and I’ve found that there’s no better way to beat the heat than eating chilled fruit and crying by the poolside. Juicy Fruit and I recently worked together to create cucumber and strawberry Juicy Fruit coolers, made with hollowed-out cukes so the cup and its filling is edible. How’s that for finding your #JuicyFruitFunSide?DSC_9096-2This couldn’t have been easier to make- I infused water with Juicy Fruit bubble gum, like tea if a seven year old made it. The gum was easy to find- right by the apparel section at Walmart. Because everybody knows you need gum with your boxers. It’s a fact! The infusion was surprisingly easy to make, and from there, I mixed it with the strawberry Jell-O and poured the Jell-O into the cucumber cups and chilled them.DSC_9095-2The exquisite ornament you see above is not, I repeat, not chewed bubble gum. It’s merely heated, and shaped into a beautiful flower of an indeterminate, sugary origin by yours truly, and garnished with sprinkles. No, I will not be starting scrapbooking. Want more delicious Juicy Fruit action from #CollectiveBias? Demos will be held at Walmart August 1-3rd, from 11:00-2PM.wpid-img_20140728_170301405.jpg

5 thoughts on “Juicy Fruit-Infused Strawberry Cucumber Coolers”

  1. That was so amazing me being a man am gonna do this for our next outdoor party I will definitely try this at home first before I go public with it I am some what of a connisuire of sweets and drinks that are just fruit or sometimes have a little bit of alcohol like Mexican fruit drinks such as horchata Jamaica coconut watermelon pineapple and tamarindo

  2. Amazing discovery of the use of juicy fruit gum. The makers of juicy fruit will love you for this. This idea is cool.

  3. How do you make it? I see a lack of directions! I am interested in trying but am lost. I understand and know how to make the cucumber glasses that;s the easy part but what about the filling?

    1. Joy,

      My apologies for not clarifying- the recipe will be changed to reflect that. I made a Juicy Fruit ‘tea’ with boiling water and added the Jell-O from there after straining the gum from the tea.

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