Haagen-Dazs Limited Edition Spiced Caramel Biscuit Ice Cream

Ahhhh, another speculoos product makes me happy. I’m the kind of girl who, among other things, enjoys ingesting my Biscoff in liquid form. Ain’t no thang, it’s just a good product. I’ve tasted many a Biscoff spread and ensuing knock-off in my day, though, and one uniting characteristic of them all is a greasiness not unlike peanut butter, but with a terrible filminess like you’re eating straight up margarine. However, the new spiced caramel biscuit from Haagen-Dazs presents a new way to eat your Biscoff without feeling like you’ve just made out with a sweaty Pamela Anderson. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.
Once again playing off the delicious Danish cookie, this version offers a caramel ice cream crammed with crumbs and pieces of biscuit to delight the tongue and teeth. There’s certainly plenty of these little guys throughout the ice cream, too. While the caramel ice cream base offers a buttery, milk-dominant flavor reminiscent of the aftertaste of Brach’s caramel cubes, a very nostalgic flavor, it’s the cookies that are the real treat in this ice cream. The flavor gets progressively more intense with the size of the chunks and with the grainy, salty flavor and texture, my mind inevitably strays to wondering what this ice cream would be like with chunks of speculoos dough inside.
The caramel’s flavor compliments the cookie pieces quite a lot and with it, the spices come out quite vibrantly. While I didn’t taste the range of spices that seem to come out best in Biscoff cookies, I certainly got a heavy dose of cinnamon and sea salt, three things that I wouldn’t kick out of my ice cream bowl. Kind of made them taste like Teddy Grahams. Overall, it had a clean, satisfying flavor perfect to chase a hearty dinner with. Thanks again to Haagen-Dazs for providing me with the ice cream to sample!

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