Core Brewing Behemoth Pilsner

This is easily the most American 4th of July I’ve ever experienced. Granted, the bar has been set rather low. Last year, the Bedfellow and I went swimming and couldn’t find food and decided we’d rather die than go to Applebee’s. The year before that, I made a brisket, ate gross Italian ice, and read obituaries alone in the house. Needless to say, despite my love for the 4th, I’ve never really celebrated it very well.wpid-wp-1404493935930.jpegThis year is different. This year includes a rodeo, barbecue, and fries pies, but that’s not all.

I started the day with a local beer from Core Brewing Company, roughly 2 miles away from my hotel paradise and free fireworks from the world’s weirdest liquor store. With a waterfall. And a canoe. And a gas station and valet service. Did I mention the free fireworks? I got them in a shed in a large field behind the liquor store. Arkansas, you’re beautiful.wpid-wp-1404492576029.jpegThis is a pilsner beer with a Dachshund dog on it and euphemisms pell-mell: “take pride in your wiener!”- an easy way to compel an impulse buy on my end. For $5.50 for about 22oz., it’s a great value for a fantastic beer. I’ve tried a few Arkansas-local beers before, most notably an IPA from Ozark Beer Company that I didn’t like at all, so I was skeptical about this, but excited. At 5% alcohol, it’s an easy drinker but knocked me out pretty easily on the hotel patio. Pictured are the fireworks that, for liability transparency, I did not light and have no plans to. But they looked attractive next to the pilsner, so there you go.wpid-wp-1404492435354.jpegThe beer poured well, with a thick, foamy head that subsided fairly quickly, and had a spicy initial flavor that had a malty, almost creamy flavor to it, milky with a sour edge. Dandelion and floral notes on the side. Not fruity in the slightest, but thick, almost desserty, but accessible at 9:57 in the morning. It was easy to drink most of the bottle, as it wasn’t too filling of a beer. 22 ounces was too much for me- a can would be an easier drink, but it was definitely a beer to savor and enjoy on a cool holiday morning. Happy 4th, gang!

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