Looka Patisserie Macarons

I had to change hotel rooms this weekend. It was just like moving apartments, but it was less fun, more stressful, and I ended up in the same room, but reversed, like some sort of weird version of Barton Fink minus headless women in the mail. It was 11PM by the time I was done with all of my unpacking and repacking and complaining on Facebook, and there was no food to be had with the exception of twelve macarons. And sometimes, when you have twelve macarons, you must tear the box wide open like a bear and eat them. You must eat them all.DSC_8964These were from Looka Patisserie, out of California, who sells frozen French desserts to retailers and gluttons like me worldwide. It is rare to find a decent frozen macaron, so I was dubious, but I was also starving. Good news- these guys are excellent, and they’re the real deal. They have a limited flavor selection- pistachio, vanilla, raspberry, and chocolate, pretty standard, but each is tasty. The almond of the cookie is unfortunately pretty overpowering, so the vanilla and pistachio fared the best as their flavors were most conducive to the almond. I was surprised that each included buttercream as a filling– traditionally, with fruit and some of the nut flavors, they will incorporate a gel or nut butter mixture in lieu of the frosting.The shells were chewier than fresh macarons- that was the biggest difference, but they still had a very airy texture and pleasant crispness on top. Ladurée and Sucré these are not, but for macarons that keep well and are easy to pull out of the freezer, they rank higher than Trader Joe’s and most bakery attempts at them as well. rating7

2 thoughts on “Looka Patisserie Macarons”

  1. I was misled by the beautiful picture on the package, as far as the size of the macarons! Half of them were broken in little pieces (I realize they are light and fragile) and actually I took a picture to show them to Walmart and maybe suggest better packaging, or handle them as very Fragile Items.
    I need them for Little deserts on my Bridge days, and when they are SO TINY, and SO Broken it is embarrassing to offer them. As Far as Taste, except for the Chocolates , DELICIOUS!!!!! This is meant to be a constructive Criticism , because Looka has a great product going here, just need to perfect the packaging mainly, and maybe even the size! Otherwise, PUT The ACTUAL Size On the Front of the Package,NOT Double ), so we know what we are buying!

  2. Walking through the Isle in Walmart with 3 kids under 3 these macarons caught my eye and reminded me of another time…one without 3 screaming kids. So, I put these treats in the basket and shared them with the kids when I got home. My first macaron was at Ladurée, if you are looking for something like this you will be disappointed. However, they were decent, and an unexpected find in the aisles of Walmart. I am glad though that I had shared these with the kids and had not brought them somewhere because several of them were broken. I agree with the comments above, better packaging is needed or handle with care. I will definitely purchase these again!

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