Cherry Kool-Aid Drink Tres Leches Cake

I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its advertiser. This means I get to buy 50% more novelty hipster shirts or 25% more tattoos when I mosey on up to St. Louis in a few weeks, huzzuh!DSC_9001I am celebrating. I’m celebrating a metric butt-ton of things right now. Please, allow me to sock them to you. First: Community. That shit is back like re-re-re-released John Lennon B-sides and it is produced by Yahoo! Fine, Marisa Meyer, I forgive you for literally falling asleep in a meeting and making corporations look silly. Second: I AM GOING TO A RODEO THIS WEEKEND. WEEK. FOURTH OF JULY. I am going to one of America’s most patriotic past-times (baseball, mom, and potential mauling) on the most patriotic day of the year. My goal is to attempt to not dress like a total WASP, but I make no promises regarding pastels or loafers. Third: I’m planning a weekend trip to St. Louis and it is going to be off the hook hipster. No joke. My goal for that is to not have my car broken into this time. Also, pancakes.
wpid-img_20140701_170138249.jpgSo I’m celebrating with a cake. Celebrations demand colors, and cakes demand ovens- and Kool-Aid. As a result of lacking an oven, I have purchased a cake from the store and have overcompensated with the colors (because Pride, everyone!) by 250%, thanks to the help of Kool-Aid 96oz. beverages and powdered packets available at Walmart. 96 ounces of Kool-Aid is a lot, you say. Jess, are you going to drink that all at once and film yourself speed-chugging it on YouTube in the hopes that it will go viral and not just give you a terrible stomachache? The answer is no, reader, I’m going to use it in a cake- a cherry tres leches cake with rainbow frosting and sprinkles and drink the rest so I can #KoolOff in the absurd heat in this state thanks to #CollectiveBias. Why is it 95 degrees on the first day of July? Why is my car melting?DSC_9003I boiled down half of the Kool-Aid into a syrup, which I then mixed with heavy cream, evaporated milk, scraped vanilla beans, and condensed milk. I had a little extra condensed milk, so I put it on the top and let the cake chill overnight. This was a sponge cake from a local bakery, and it held up remarkably well to the onslaught of liquids the cake required. It was super moist when I cut into it!DSC_8998The four Kool-Aid packets made beautiful coloring and flavoring with vanilla frosting, along with a little extra sugar to balance out the tart acidity from the mix. When the cake was chilled and firm to the touch, I put the frosting on top and swirled it around in a tie-dye pattern and then added copious amounts of sprinkles for a finishing touch. The end result was tasty, in part thanks to the subtlety of the beans and the flavor of the syrup, which was less aggressive than I expected. I brought the cake down as a surprise to the interns- we’ve just finished up our first month of work, and since it’s a holiday week, I thought it would be a fun treat to enjoy.

I ate a slice in advance for quality control purposes, and when I came back after dinner, the plate was clean! Everyone enjoyed it, and it was a cinch to put together. Try it out this summer! If you’re in the NC area, fisherman Jim Dillard is promoting Kool-Aid at local Walmart locations, so check him out while you’re buying your ingredients.

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