Twelve in Tulsa, Oklahoma

I took a trip to Tulsa, Oklahoma today, and gave myself a challenge: where are the best places to go with twelve hours and a $50 budget? DSC_8950Allow me to present these places, and the best things they offer. If you want to splurge for souvenirs, I’ve listed my favorites below. Little Rock, Oklahoma City, Springfield, Shreveport, Texarkana, and more are on the list for this neat, new day trip feature!wpid-img_20140628_075839.jpgOK Country Donut Shoppe
Eat: Donuts and a sausage roll ($4.79)
Extras: your name spelled out in donuts! ($20-40)
The skinny: Yeast-raised donuts that are beautiful and also extremely tasty, with a fluffy texture. Sausage rolls have a soft dough like a kolache, packed with flavor. wpid-wp-1403988563696.jpegShades of Brown Coffee and Art
Drink: Caffe con leche ($2.31)
Extras: a handmade mug from the mother and daughter team who own the store ($16-18)
The skinny: vintage chairs and killer coffee from Topeca Roasting.DSC_8957Antoinette Baking Co.
Eat: Pinkberry pie, blackberry pie with rose cream on top and a graham cracker crust ($5)
Duck fat Chex mix ($7)
Chocolate and raspberry pop tart ($3)
Extras: a very cool t-shirt, $25
The skinny: a varying selection (today’s was unfortunately banal compared to their typical offerings) and $2.50 pie night on weekends- also, really cute cashiers and bakers. wpid-wp-1403988589767.jpegCherry Street Farmer’s Market
Eat: Cosmic Cones shaved ice with Lomah Dairy cream and orange-chipotle syrup ($4)
Extras: Anything! Raclette, grass-fed beef, probiotic ice pops. ($?)
The skinny: the best damned snowcone you’ve ever had, tastes like a dreamsicle on steroids.
wpid-wp-1403988600324.jpegDoubleShot Coffee Company
Drink: Cold brew coffee ($5.50)
Extras: Maduro chocolate bar ($6) or sick robot hoodie ($30)
The skinny: Delicious coffee, roasted in-house, and a sprawling, industrial space. wpid-wp-1403988645801.jpegHank’s Hamburgers
Eat: Hamburger with everything ($4.99)
Extras: A Hank chocolate candy, stuffed with peanut butter ($1.25)
The skinny: big burgers, served diner-style with a plethora of toppings ‘Hank-style’ and a self-titled ‘redneck fire alarm’ on the wall- a tin of Jiffy Pop. wpid-wp-1403988625882.jpegStutts House of Barbecue
Eat: Bologna lunch platter ($8.75)
Extras: a large buttermilk pie for the road ($15)
The skinny: the easy successor to the now-shuttered Latimer’s, with hot homemade sauce, sweet hospitality, and an exceptional smoked bologna infused with hickory. wpid-wp-1403988633900.jpegEn-route entertainment:
Dwelling Spaces: more of a store than an art gallery, unfortunately, but if you’re looking to spend some cash, this is the place to do it. Plenty of neat souvenirs and Oklahoma-made goods and clothing.
Cain’s: Intimate ballroom space and expensive Steely Dan tickets.
Blue Rose Biker Bar: Their motto is ‘no crybabies,’ their logo is a penguin playing the saxophone. Right on the Arkansas River.
Soundpony: Decent bar, cool patches and merchandise. Stick around for a free live show.
Great American Flea Market: Do not go here unless you need decapitated mannequins, a Walkman, or gently used roller skates.

I hope you enjoyed this tasting tour of Tulsa- next stop, Springfield, MO!

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