Raspberry M&M’s

I’ve got to admit, whenever I go to the grocery store I’m on high alert for any new candies or chocolates to hit the market. I troll the websites pretty frequently and am always making sure that I’m up to date on press releases. Sometimes, things pass me by, though…and that’s where the eagle-eyed Miss Love comes in. Last night, she spotted these M&M’s in the store and said, “Hey, have you reviewed these yet?” Those magical words get me to buy anything. Bonus points if it’s something made by a bigger company, too.
Raspberry M&M’s, I knew, weren’t new, per se, but I’d never personally seen them in stores. A little research yielded very little in the ways of results outside of a 2007 release when raspberry was apparently going through a rebellious urban teen DJ phase, spelled “Razzberry.” Now they’re all grown up and going by their god-given fruit name. And outside of a mommy blogger tested demographic, there was no sign that these existed on the Mars product website or on any part of the internet. And if the internet doesn’t say they exist, they might not. So we snapped these up to review, figuring that if they were awful, we’d bake them into cookies or use them as target practice for our cats when they scratch furniture or something.
Luckily, they’re awesome. Outside of a bizarre package design, apparently the likes of which was subjected to a mandate saying that every flat surface had to be covered in the custom raspberry M&M’s logo and representation by the blue M&M, once known for being a seductive saxophone wailing ladykiller but now proudly cradling two raspberries in his hands like pool balls. Why the blue M&M, Mars? I suppose these could be construed as a late Valentine’s day treat, what with the primarily Valentine color scheme and fruit plus chocolate theme for lazy spouses who can’t be bothered to order an Edible Arrangement ahead of time but it comes off as a little bizarre to have this come-hither look on a guy literally made of chocolate putting the soft touch on what amounts to plush, severed ovaries.
At least they taste good. They’re about one and a half times the size of plain chocolate M&M’s and come in an array of pink and red gradients, with a thicker candy shell and delicate floral sweetness. They really do taste like raspberries as opposed to raspberry jam or raspberry candy. There’s nothing overpowering about it and yet it does maintain a consistent presence within each bite. The dark chocolate, typically terrible in the grand scheme of chocolate, is artfully accentuated by these notes and almost makes it taste like a decent example of a dark chocolate candy. The pieces have an overall creamy feel to them and are substantial enough that a few satisfy. I’m probably going to make some cookies with these to see if the flavor is bold enough in the context of other elements. Overall, though, these were easy to snack on and enjoy and were a quality example of a new flavor.

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