Dunkin Donuts’ Southwest Steak and Southwest Veggie Breakfast Burritos

The cashier beamed at me like I’d just eaten a dozen doughnuts in one sitting.
 “You got the last two burritos!”
Trying not to sound too excited or too interested in the comings and goings of QSR quasi-Mexican breakfast food, I asked her if they were popular.

“We introduced them today and we just can’t keep them on the shelves!” That settled it for me. After hearing about these via press release, they sounded too good to pass up. Dunkin’ Donuts is less known for their breakfast sandwiches and wraps, having gone through strange hybridized products in the last few years. Waffle sandwiches, fruity bagels, and sausage biscuits didn’t make the cut, but I believe they may have a contender on their hands with the new Southwest Steak and Southwest Veggie breakfast burritos.
My first indicator that these would be good? The latter contains sweet potato, a component I’ve never seen used in D ‘n’ D products before, along with roasted corn, black beans, scrambled eggs, and cheese. The former, a more standard meat ‘n’ potatoes flavor, was advertised as containing seasoned steak, potatoes, various fire-kissed vegetables, eggs, and cheese. Both burritos were about the size and thickness of a TV remote control, roughly six inches long and sealed tightly with a uniform brown, bubbly crisp. That’s definitely a good sign, as nothing can bring down a burrito more than a chalky, crumbly tortilla. These had the added benefit of carrying a salty, grilled flavor on the shell, almost like a taco shell, without seeming greasy or filmy.
The tortillas held together wonderfully and contained all the fillings while still remaining soft and yielding to each bite. Whatever size they used was perfectly proportionate to the filling, which extended from edge to edge and filled the center of the tortilla, bulging slightly out of the seam. The veggie burrito was outstanding for a fast-food breakfast item. It had a predominantly smoky chipotle accent from the peppers and an underlying sweetness from the potatoes, which, as the most plentiful ingredient, were up front and center.

All the ingredients were well-cooked without being mushy, a typical complaint of the nuked veggies used in these premade filling mixes, and the beans and corn added a crisp texture and additional layer of flavor to the sandwich. The cheese wasn’t really noticeable but bound all the ingredients together well. While this definitely could have used a little hot sauce, the smoky heat of the peppers wasn’t shy at all.
The steak burrito was definitely the mushier, saltier one of the bunch, crammed with pieces of steak and potato. Both were texturally indistinguishable but well-seasoned with heft and body. Calling it steak is a little overzealous, on par with calling a Big Wheel a Ferrari. It has the texture of loosely chopped sausage. Like the veggie burrito, this was also spiced, but not necessarily spicy. The eggs and cheese played a bigger role in this and I felt like this had a more breakfasty feel than the other.

 I enjoyed how much meat there was in proportion to the other ingredients. For three dollars apiece, they were both filled very generously. If you skipped breakfast but don’t yet feel like lunch, one or two of these will really hit the spot.

4 thoughts on “Dunkin Donuts’ Southwest Steak and Southwest Veggie Breakfast Burritos”

  1. Had the chance to try the steak one yesterday morning. It was pretty good, but I thought it was tiny – smaller than the size you suggested. Seemed kind of expensive for what I got.

    My local DD has been out of the veg ones for two days now. I’m looking forward to trying that one. But, I’m not sure that these would be a regular purchase, due to the small size and relative cost.

  2. Quite frankly, this item should be outlawed… it amounts to an old piece of imitation food reheated in a microwave, devoid of taste and I would bet loaded with sodium and chemicals… disgusting, and they should pay you to eat this despicable thing…

    Went to Dunkin to try the new burritos. Got there around 7am when the drive thru opened. Sat in the car to eat before work. I ordered one of each of the steak and veg burittos.
    Instead of freshly made hot food, i got burritos with dried outer tortilla wraps and the consistency looked like goo!!! I took a bit and tossed them both.
    Back to McDonalds for me. At least i know that when i order breakfast there i get freshly made food, not stuff that was under a heat lamp for hours!

  4. I got the steak and it was mediocre at best. The size of the thing was laughable, it was incredibly small, and the price you pay for one of these things is incredibly high relative to what you get. As far as flavor, it may as well have been nothing, wasn’t flavorful at all. I will not be getting these again.

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