Chia Pod Vanilla Bean

Food-wise, it’s been a weird week of adventures, ranging from excellent tacos from a tacky-looking chain to complimentary hotel breakfast regimens of sausages and cantaloupe. I received pheasant from a coworker, freshly shot in South Dakota, and ate impeccable Szechuan and Thai takeout. Arkansas, you crazy. I think I love you. When I’m not delighting my creditors with my flagrant burger purchases, I’m trying to eat at home- small, canape-style food like I had in Paris, and with Fresh Market so close, it’s difficult to resist the siren’s song of decent coffee and gelato. DSC_8798

But I don’t have a freezer, so I’m seeking sweetness in other ways. Logic and personal dignity prohibited me from purchasing $7 eggless cookie dough, hence the rationale behind this chia-seed pudding pod. At first blush, the packaging is lovely- minimal, concise, with bold lettering, though the generic fond that encircles the orange chia logo is distracting. DSC_8797The pod came with a portable spoon, which proved to be exceptionally handy long after the goop was slurped, as my sole utensil aside from a toothbrush after my purloined room service silverware was taken away by the maid. DSC_8801Perhaps you’ve taken note of the textural keywords in the last paragraph- the texture is wanting here, and it tells me it wants life. The viscosity of this brings it to nearly sentient, Flubber-like movements, and I was half-compelled to tell it to pursue a career in modern dance and send it off to New York. Half.DSC_8800This texture, both exceptionally gelatinous despite the lack of gelatin and thick, had too high of a ratio of chia seeds to coconut milk and vanilla. A little mixing distributed the tightly-packed goo ever so slightly, but did little to mitigate the thickness of the pudding.DSC_8802However, the dish redeemed itself in flavor- subtle, more coconut than vanilla, with the former enhanced by the flower. It was sweet, but not cloyingly so, and had a tropical edge from the coconut and the nuttiness of the chia seeds. Not one-noted in the slightest, but the off-putting texture and steep price, $2.49 for essentially gussied-up vegan yogurt/pudding, does give me pause for my next purchase.


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