Domino’s Pizza Introduces Gluten-Free Crust

On their website, Domino’s revealed the nation-wide introduction of its gluten-free crust. However, due to the large scale of its operation, the crust cannot officially be endorsed to celiac sufferers due to the potential for cross-contamination. An interesting point that we’ll later be exploring as we taste the pizza (also, only available in a 10-inch small regular pizza, artisan varieties excluded) and let you know our take on it.

Check out the press release! Also gotta love the tagline- “gluten-free pizza that doesn’t taste like the box it came in.” We’ll see about that, Domino’s!

One thought on “Domino’s Pizza Introduces Gluten-Free Crust”

  1. i just had a dominos gf pizza, and they had a coupon at the store so it was free and since the girl searched for it i gave her $5 tip, it is small enough for 1 person, it tastes ok,if you didnt know you would not guess its gf, but at $ 12 and change i am glad i didnt pay for it,i can get udis pizza crust and make a decent pizza for less,hope they make a bigger one in the future and i also hope subway comes on the gf train soon !!

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