Road Trip III: Arkansas in all its glory

To cap off my Arkansas montage, I bring you highlights from my first week of work and first weekend, whereupon I spent an entire 72 hours and counting doing nothing but eat, swim, and lay about in the altogether perusing documents. Adventures were had! A Foodette was social! Horses were seen! At this point, though, having seen three smooshed to the side of the road, my new culinary goal is to find and hunt an armadillo, and then cook it to my liking, preferably serving it in its shell. If they can’t evade cars, surely me and a Daisy Air Rifle ought to do the job. wpid-img_20140522_172152.jpg

This is the Suzy Q Malt Shop, which couldn’t be more cutely named or more refreshing in 90 degree weather at 5 in the afternoon. The temperature is already insane. I suspect it’s going to be a long summer.wpid-img_20140522_082959.jpgI resisted the temptations of Chick-Fil-A passively, mainly due to geography more than anything else. However, on a hot, busy morning, I succumbed after so long. Worth it. Behave yourself, Dan Cathy.wpid-img_20140520_105156.jpgWalmart served us cupcakes this week to remind us of how wonderful we are. I like being reminded of this fact, and I like cupcakes, so we’re off to a beautiful start. Orientation for the corporate interns starts this week, despite the fact that we’ve already been working. This means t-shirts and speakers, though!wpid-img_20140524_193538.jpgI’ve been socializing with my tight-knit intern group a lot and last night we went out for Chinese at an awesome place in Springdale, where the Tyson plant is. It was a totally innocuous little restaurant with exceptional Szechuan cuisine and we split a bunch of dishes and left full and thoroughly spiced out. Pictured above was the tender ox tongue.wpid-img_20140524_201808.jpgI’m really loving it here- nothing is quite what I expect it to be. After we left the restaurant, eight guys on horseback rode up to the gas station like some sort of motorcycle gang and proceeded to park their horses to feed on the grass in the back, ride around doing donuts (or whatever the equestrian equivalent of donuts is) and get Doritos. wpid-img_20140525_105906.jpgI leave you with this for now- a ham and cheddar pretzel ‘croissant’ from Little Bread Co. in Fayetteville. I ate it outside in the forest and then came back to the hotel to start my day. And take a nap. Woof. Happy Memorial Day, everyone- regularly scheduled product reviews start back up again tomorrow, and thanks for following me on this badass ride.

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  1. I live here in bentonville….have u tried Tusk and Trotter’s Chicken and Waffles? Ah-mazing. That restaurant in general is a cool place. Also, if you are in the mood for Mediterranean food, check out Vivace on 14th and J.

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