#MC The Thigh-High Cocktail, inspired by Reebok Skyscape

I participated in an influencer activation on behalf of Millenial Central for Reebok. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. Don’t be hatin’, this will help me buy a new briefcase.

Woof. Cocktail time. I originally made this for Cinco de Mayo, but am posting it now because it’s always a good time to drink a cocktail, right? I had access to a juicer a few weeks ago, while dogsitting, and decided to use a few easy ingredients- tequila, grapefruits, limes, agave syrup, and diet club soda to make a refreshing and tasty cocktail without any of the guilt of a massive margarita.DSC_8759

I remembered making this when I moved into the hotel I’ll be staying at for the next three months- I was craving a cocktail and recalled how refreshing this was. The oils from the citrus fruits infused into the cocktail, lending a bittersweet flavor to the aftertaste. I’ve been trying to establish an early-morning exercise routine since moving in. The hotel has a nice pool and gym, so I’ve been running around doing errands and working out before work starts.wpid-wp-1400436192751.jpegWhen I’m exercising, I’m using intensely neon, Lisa Frank-inspired shoes that make me look like a walking Pink Floyd laser show.They are made of bra material, not unlike Victoria’s Secret, so the ladies are, of course, all over me. They have a sort of Chuck Taylor-inspired design and are soft. Best part is that I can toss them into the washing machine if I get them dirty, which leaves me more time to make and enjoy cocktails like this one.DSC_8761The Thigh-High

Ingredients (serves 4)
4 oz. tequila
4 limes
2 grapefruits
2 cups of diet club soda
4 tablespoons of agave syrup

Just juice the limes and grapefruits in a juicer and skim off the foam. Mix with the club soda, agave, and tequila and serve on the rocks!wpid-wp-1400436048580.jpeg

2 thoughts on “#MC The Thigh-High Cocktail, inspired by Reebok Skyscape”

  1. Bras on the feet — oh, yeah, baby. Alternate with gloves on the toes… those 5-finger Vibrams. That way you can have foot-fetish guys all day and night massaging your peds without their greedy hands actually touching your precious soles.

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