Blue Hill Butternut Squash Yogurt

Weird and impeccably packaged. The perfect mix, and at the moment, I’ve enough hubris to claim that the same applies to my own character. This obviously means that my spirit edible is butternut squash yogurt. I found this in Whole Foods, nestled in between kefir and vegan cheese so far removed from the real thing that it was closer to a Carrot Top comedy set than Camembert. The cashiers extolled it, and I sneered inwardly. Impeccable packaging. Twee as all hell. Let’s crack it open.DSC_8686Simplistic packaging- chalk-inspired drawings of the squash, an attractive font, and a seal of approval from a cow named Daffodil, who recommends I enjoy my squash with fruit, nuts, and balsamic vinegar. Your move, Dannon. DSC_8690It doesn’t look like it came from a large grocery store. Rather, it has the aesthetic of something found at a farmer’s market or mocked up on a Kickstarter. It’s earnest and minimalistic. The colors match the brightness of the yogurt and the vegetable itself. DSC_8687Vegetable-flavored yogurts represent a yet-untapped niche market; and these are basic and nuanced enough that they would go well with curry or as an addition to a marinade to boost an average lunch. The company recommends them as a jazzed up breakfast, though, and suggests easy ingredients that would add a touch of class and variation to such a minimalistic breakfast. At first blush, the yogurt is strikingly similar to the spike of pumpkin-flavored creamers and yogurts that pop up around autumn, but with each bite, the pulpy, sweeter flavors of the squash come, unencumbered by generic pumpkin spices.
DSC_8691A large part of me wishes that this was roasted squash with ginger rather than raw, as the roasting process tends to bring out a more intense burst of sweetness. With the cream, that natural sugar flavor was somewhat overwhelmed. That being said, it was a tasty representation of a more savory-inclined vegetable.

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