BlogHer Food ’12 (The Prequel)

BlogHer Food ’12 was such an enriching, positive experience for me and I was so glad to have the opportunity to speak to all of you along with my panel members during yesterday’s speech on humor’s place in food writing.

I’ll be posting more about my fun in the Pacific Northwest later this week (after my big exam!) but wanted to extend a few questions to those that attended the panel. It was an exciting time for me, as it was my first real public speaking engagement (outside of the requisite 4th grade graduation speech) and I am very curious how you liked what we said. I have heard some varied reactions to how the panel flowed and the lessons we left behind. As I mentioned yesterday, I’m fluctuating and growing as a writer. Any tips or constructive criticism you give me will most assuredly help me in my approach. Trust me- I can take it just as well as I dish it out!

So, if you checked it out or heard about it on Twitter, what did you like about the panel? What resonated with you, and what didn’t you like? If I were to speak again, what would you be interested in hearing about? In the interest of self-improvement, I’d love your open feedback. My comment section is anonymous, and if you’d prefer to send me an email, that would be wonderful, too.

Thanks again for checking me out. I’ll recap more of my whirlwind culinary romp later on, and wish to extend my gratitude to all of the wonderful bloggers and coordinators I met at the conference! It was a real joy to work with you.

Jess Watsky

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