McDonald’s Jalapeno Double

Praise the test market lords and demigods of saturated fat, we have a new burger! The Jalapeno Double features two beef patties, white cheddar cheese, jalapeno aioli, and both pickled and crispy jalapenos. I’ll give it to you in stock terms: buy now, and buy long. This burger is impeccable. I was nervous that the loss of the onions, pickles, ketchup, and mustard would take away some of the acidity and balance that the classic McDouble is known for, but thankfully, McDonald’s mitigated the acidity gracefully in this one.DSC_8702

The bun, beef, and cheese are nothing new, but the fresh jalapenos and crispy jalapenos are well-balanced here, and surprisingly don’t battle it out too heavily. The burger was not as spicy as I expected, and the sliced peppers brought out more of a tangy, pickled flavor rather than heat. The crispy jalapenos were excellent- thinly sliced, crunchy, and much hotter than their sliced counterparts.wpid-imag1262.jpgThe sole small complaint I had was the inconsistency of the burger, but this was largely based on ingredient distribution rather than overall quality. The bites that had only jalapeno, beef, and cheese were dry, and subsequently smothered the flavor of the pepper. DSC_8703The aioli brought the sandwich together, adding yet another layer of tanginess and flavor to the burger. The end result tasted somewhat like a jalapeno popper. This was an excellent burger, and I’m crossing my fingers that it makes its way to the permanent menu.

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  1. I am so glad you are a flexitarian when it comes to gluten because I would not know how to kiss you on the cheeks without using my doughy lips.

  2. Went to get this burger yesterday, it was a disappointment! Did not look anything like it’s photo, and had only one patty. Looked like their kids hamburger with a few jalapeños and what looked like a slice of cheese.

    1. I had a burger with only one patty too! i was eating in so i complained and got it fixed. the next day i came back, and again only one burger! you would assume that a jalepeno DOUBLE is an easy thing to make for employees, but i guess not.

    2. Um… if it only had one patty then they made it wrong and you probably should have complained to them, not in a comment section online.

      1. I’ve ordered the Jalapeño Burger 4 times and twice it’s been put together wrong. I’m looking at it as soon as I get it to make sure it’s made right. The day manager thanked me for bringing it to her attention. She didn’t know it was being made wrong.

  3. I really wanted to like this, but in comparison to other spicy fast food burgers this had little to no kick. Hell the Spicy McChicken has more of a kick to it than something with Jalapenos on it and I don’t even know how that is possible. I will agree however lack of spice aside, the burger itself was pretty good.

  4. Had my second one in two days. Two different McDonalds the first was awesome. I was hooked from the first taste. At the second McDonalds I took a bite as I was driving away and it was just a regular double cheesburger. I quickly turned around and had it replaced and it was just as good as the day before.

    1. I had them at two mcdonalds. The second one used next to no “aioli”, it was a complete dissapointment.
      The aioli definitly brings it together, I almost want to ask for extra if i return to that mcdonalds.

  5. I tried it and was pleasantly surprised at the crunchy jalapeños and white cheese. The aoili seemed like mayonnaise to me but what do I know?

  6. I had one yesterday. And it was fantastic. Though it wasnt as hot as i expected. But still better then alot of “new” fast food items i’ve tried in the past few years.

  7. Deliciousness. I found it was hotter than the Spicy McChicken in contrast to another commenters opinion. My face was flushed after consumption due to the spicy jalapeños. Very crisp and crunchy. Much yummy.

  8. I just had my first one. And it was great. $2 jalapeno burger , $1 plain sundae, $1 drink. You could do a lot worse with $4 for dinner.

  9. My fellow man: do not eat this burger. Don’t get me wrong, it tastes awfully good going in, but coming out it will give you an extreme, localised preview of the most fiery ingerno of hell you can imagine.

    1. Ive had three in the past couple weeks. It depends on the McD’s where you buy it how hot it is One was very hot.. It had a lot of fried jalepenos on it. The other two were semi spicy

  10. i love this burger, it’s all i ever order. But because it’s so new you have to make sure it’s right before you drive away. Today i got the spicy chicken…..unbelievable, went right in had it replaced. The guy that said it terrible in your stomach is an idiot.

  11. I love this burger.

    Yeah, the guy complaining about suffering from the spiciness as it exits needs to learn what he/she can or can’t handle. It’s pretty obvious when you’re eating something if you’re going to regret it later.

    It’s like they would drink poison if it didn’t say POISON on the label. I have no idea how people like him/her make it through life.

  12. I’m with Slade Manning on this one an yeah I’ve ate jalopenos before an never have I S### 3 times in less then 6 hours so if you want a good burger it’s alright just have your home or reading material handy

  13. This burger is excellent. Its 430 calories allows me to eat one for dinner and one for lunch and still lose weight. I’ve bought extra and heated up days later and they’re still excellent. Likewise, I wish the breakfast burrito was spicy enough that you don’t have to hassle adding sauce!

  14. I’ve had this sandwich at least 6 time one of my favs there till I got,one today and it had15 jalapenos after seeming to bite n the 4 one and sweating took the sandwich apart and counted 15 total Needless to say extremely hot.

  15. I LOVE this burger! I hope they put it on the permanent menu; I’ll be eating a LOT of them in the future. PLEASE, McDonald’s, keep this! 😀

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