BlogHer Food ’12 Recap, Day 1

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s 200+ photos from BlogHer Food, so ogle ’em, maybe. If you’re expecting snarky reviews, give it a few days before I cold-start my engine again. I’m coming back from the dead, fresh from the world of standardized testing and reverse redeye flights!

As you know, I’ve had a whirlwind of a weekend in Seattle. It was a blissful dalliance from charming New England. It started out at 2:45 in the morning when I left the house in a daze. That daze continued until well around three in the afternoon, but at least I got a good Pink Floyd-esque album cover out of it.

When I wasn’t paralyzed in fear from the turbulence of the incredibly small aircraft that, despite physics, successfully held us aloft, I took this photo.

 Arriving in Seattle was virtually painless, and when I got to the Fairmont Olympic, I collapsed in my room. Unbeknownst to me, Progresso’s fairies sneaked in ahead of me and left this gift.
The view from my room.
This is where the magic happened, and by magic, I mean LSAT study hub and naked snoring. Keeping it as classy as classy can be. Seriously, ladies, where were you?!

After a quick nap and brief study session, I hopped a bee-themed shuttle to an event sponsored by Whole Foods- a pollinator picnic! Representatives from Whole Foods and some local businesses spoke to us about the plight that the honeybees are facing with Colony Collapse Disorder. Did you know that 75% of our fruits and vegetables are pollinated by honeybees? Imagine a world without mangoes, almonds, strawberries, and blueberries, and you’ve got a fraction of an idea about what life would be like without bees. We learned about how we can help them in our own gardens and tomorrow, Miss Love and I will be constructing a bee bath and planting some bee-friendly wildflowers in our summer garden!

Whole Foods supplied us with some wonderful picnic food, too.

After the lecture, a few of us wandered out into the Arboretum, pleased to see the sun peeking out after we’d been warned of crappy weather. The Washington Park Arboretum is huge, and I would have loved to check out more of it.

Steam was rising off the beams after the rain let up- very picturesque!

 The park is full of beautiful sights and sounds.
We hopped back onto the bee bus and drove back to the hotel. 
I had a speaker get-together at six thirty, but was left with a few stir-crazy hours in between to look for food and hang out. I decided to introduce myself Seattle the way I like to introduce myself to know most things- get inside of it. I walked all around and staked out the restaurants I’d meticulously researched before the trip, stopping at a little place called Po Dog to grab a dinner snack before the meeting. True story, the free snack for passengers flying business class on United Airlines is an erect middle finger. Girl was famished.
Nature. Best appreciated with a greasy sack of food and Mexican coke.
But two hot dogs and fries might not have been the best option. Not to mention that they were solidly mediocre. Still! Peanut butter and banana! Wasabi egg roll dog! Lemon aioli! Also, shame on them for running out of the “I <3 wieners" shirts just before my grand arrival. Shame.
I got some ice cream instead. Molly Moon’s is boss, y’all. This was another collaboration sweet spot- Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar ice cream!
I juuuuuuuussttt missed their specialty Beecher’s sundae- pie crust crumbles, apple compote, Flagship cheddar ice cream, and cajeta. God. Damn.

Of course, all of this stupid stress eating was completely nullified by this dinner at this speaker meeting. I’ll leave you with a teaser photo for now…tomorrow, find out exactly what I did to that chicken.

Tune in tomorrow, 8PM EST, to hear how my awesome speaking engagement went, what else I ate, and why I’m officially the coolest person alive.

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