Yöghund Apple & Cheddar Frozen Yogurt for Dogs

Woof! I perpetually suffer from what the French call l’esprit d’escalier, or in English, ‘being a little slow on the uptake.’ I came up with four perfect April Fool’s jokes on April 2nd- at 12:30 AM, when what was once funny is now merely irritating, and wore my interesting vest for our property discussion on vested interest on the wrong day. (It was madras.) Much like David Ives’ titular opus, it really is all in the timing. So here’s some dog ice cream. April Fool’s!DSC_8556

I went whole-hog with this one, both making up a dog I don’t have and calling no less than seven grocery and pet stores looking for this specific flavor. Why? Because in 2012, at Molly Moon’s Ice Cream, I ate the most sumptious, savory cheddar-flavored ice cream made from Beecher’s Flagship Cheddar. When I came across the IKEA-esque Yöghund in Apple & Cheddar, I knew, canine or not, that I had to try it. My timing was perfect this time- I decided to share a cup, a cool $4.50 at a creepy PetCo in suburban Springfield, with my doggie pal, Tater.DSC_8573Looking at the package designs, it appears that the brand has undergone an oddly retroactive packaging change, going from a sleek, Whole Foods-inspired brown bag and Martha’s silhouette theme to something that looks like an MS Paint reject. It has retained the Scandinavian yellow and black logo, and the ice cream, despite resembling a Dixie cup, has wholesome, simple ingredients and tastes pretty good.DSC_8561I was surprised that it tasted so heavily of cheddar. The apple was barely present at all. The flavor was predominantly milky, very rich for an ice cream for dogs, with a slightly acidic, wheaty note from the various proteins and probiotics in the ice cream. It reminded me of homemade yogurt with an icier texture. DSC_8575Tater liked it more than I did, as she tried to eat the entire cup, paper and all. Not bad for a dog ice cream, though it pushed the price of both Amoretti and Talenti.rating7

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