Choose the August Theme Week!

Fifty Shades of Chocolate will be well underway in July, but here’s your chance to get your vote in for August: our options conveniently rhyme, so without further ado, here are the lucky ideas:

Grill Week: Send us your best grilling recipes! As a bonus, any reviewables will be thrown on the grill, grillable or not.
Chill Week: All frozen foods, all the time.
Sauce Week: Sauces, sauces, sauces! Marinades may make an appearance.
Toss Week: Like gross week, but all zeroes. The ratings are pre-determined, the product is a surprise.
Ice Week: Cold food week for the hot weather! Ice cream, ice pops, frozen cocktails, and more.
Spice Week: Turning up the heat, this will feature the hottest, weirdest sauces we can get our paws on.


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