McDonald’s Buffalo Chicken Poutine

Back from the lean, mean streets of Canada, I bring you the sole restaurant or food review of the entire trip- Buffalo Chicken Poutine from McDonald’s. We opted to take a mainly tech-free vacation to better connect to each other and remember what penmanship was. Subsequently, I had a wonderful time and have a journal full of poorly-rendered sandwich drawings– and now, this, with 100% more surreptitiously taken grainy photos! wpid-IMAG1193.jpgWe came across this while driving out of the city on our way back home. Needless to say, my screaming, pointing, and threats of mutinying the steering wheel facilitated our stop. Kidding, my girlfriend loves buffalo sauce. The new poutine cost $5.37 CAD, or roughly $4.85 USD- a little on the expensive side for a side item or snack. We thought it would have buffalo sauce in place of gravy, but happily discovered that it had both. Those fries were sauced.wpid-IMAG1192.jpgThe serving was huge, large enough for us both to split. There were cheese curds, impressively, and they were actually good and squeaky, with a decent melt from the heat of the fries. The chicken was little more than a tender and a half chopped up on top, but it was crispy and delicious and coated with spicy, creamy buffalo sauce, which perked up the bland gravy.wpid-IMAG1191-1.jpgWhat really got us were the scallions on top, fresh and savory, and the fries- while they were the standard McDonald’s fries, they were seasoned with something different, maybe another type of salt, and were crispy enough to withstand both sauces. It was an awesome snack on our way to the border, and gave us just enough energy to endure interrogation before being welcomed back to beautiful America. Bienvenue!


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