Sweet Lemonade Peeps

Peeps ahoy. Fresh from an impulse shopping trip at Target, replete with rice macaroni and cheese, tiny bottles of Gatorade, and orange cereal bowls, we scouted and discovered a new and equally terrible breed of Peeps, this time in acrid lemonade flavor! Full disclosure, some part of the $1.29 does go toward curing childhood cancer, so even if you purchase these for the sole purpose of pelting someone in the head with them, you’re doing a little good for the world.DSC_8385-2

I found these sitting in an end cap full of discounted vitamins and dented canisters of hand cream at Target. They were pretty badly squished, and subsequently resembled urinal cakes out of the packages, befitting, as it looked as if they’d been recently peed on. They were extremely stale and deflated out of the package, reeking of powdered lemonade and pure citric acid. DSC_8383-2The flavor was atrocious. The acidic, sweet flavor clung to the tastebuds, with a medicinal bitterness and abrupt hit of powdered sugar. The flavor grew in intensity as the seconds passed, kissing every subsequent food- Chex, milk, and toothpaste, with a sour flavor, befitting with the urinal cake theme. Ugh. Atrocious. These are a real miss for the Peeps family- fruitier flavors don’t seem to work well.rating1

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