Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Donut

Thank you for coming across my online guide on how to perform a successful incision and extraction of cookie dough creme from a baked, yeast-based heart donut. In this step by step guide, I will detail the vivisection, extraction, and recovery period.To start, you will need a Dunkin’ Donuts Cookie Dough Donut, in the requisite heart formation. DSC_7585

Prep one 4-inch surgical stainless steel knife, and make an incision in the midsection seam, where the donut has formed together. In most yeast-based donut bodies, you will see a lighter-colored seam, detailed below. An oscillating saw will also suffice.DSC_7588Now that the donut is open, gently crack open the halves. Use a retractor to hold the two halves apart, if needed. The cookie dough creme, a viscous, beige substance, will be located in the middle of the heart, around the raised doughteries in the upper mid ventricle. DSC_7587With one sterile oyster fork or olive spoon, gently work out the creme and put it on a plate for further testing. Sterilize the dough around the localized area, and wire the heart back together with butcher’s twine or thin strands of Twizzler, .017in.¬†Alternatively, consume. Note that the Dunkin’ Donut Cookie Dough Donut is covered in a chocolate icing meant to evoke brownies- this icing is too sweet, and can be discarded. The subtle nuances of the filling are lost when combined with the icing on top.DSC_7589With the cookie dough icing isolated, commence further testing. The filling will be fresh and gooey, much like real cookie dough, and will have a pleasantly strong, almost boozy vanilla flavor. The texture should be slightly grainy, and full-bodied. Anything less should be rejected. DSC_7591Despite its flawed complete construction, this is an additive this frosting. This is, as it’s known in Latin, ‘money,’ and has a nice salty finish.¬†Note that although there are no chocolate chips in the cookie dough icing, it is still a remarkable specimen of a cookie dough-flavored homage. Take heed, Oreo. Currently, this procedure and medical sample will run approximately $106,355, or with your local Dunkin’ Donuts insurance, $1.19.rating7

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