Oreo Soft Cookies Banana Milkshake

Back to the land of delicious artificial appeal we go, readers. Back to Bananaville, though all of these banana-infused products have about as much fruit inside of them as your average fag hag. Regardless, Oreo Japan has cranked out another seasonally appropriate flavor (because screw you, chocolate mint!) in its soft cookies line, a selection that has previously featured fillings of all shapes and sizes, like lemon ice, green tea, coffee caramel, and the ever-popular, ominously generic “cheese.”

These Oreos, however, are ambassadors of their kind. They embody everything that an Oreo Cakester ought to, without many of the flaws and shortcomings of the American version. For starters, they’re tiny. I’ve used my lens cap for comparison below, but if that’s completely useless to the remaining 95% of you, it’s a little larger than a half dollar in diameter. They are far more petite than our engorged pastries and clock in at a svelte 84 calories apiece.

The Oreos are secured with the level of paranoid packaging of most stealable electronic devices, in a large bag with eight small individually-wrapped cakes inside. The package design is a clever riff off the classic Oreo package, retaining some of the original design features (Oreo and Nabisco logo, background cloud) and adding some others to draw attention to the flavor, as well as the fact that this is definitely Japanese. I particularly like the banana leaf, dual Nabisco logos mere inches apart, and stylized floating milkshake- you classy thing!

To their credit, the packaging successfully protected each cake from squashing. The cakes are disturbingly scented, part mild chocolate cake and part aggressive acetate, the primary chemical component in fake banana flavoring. They also cut a striking profile- dark brown, almost black cakes with a scrambled egg-colored filling.
It’s not a bad flavor, but it’s a distinctive one, very sweet, fruity and concentrated, almost alcoholic. FoodGuy commented that this scent often shows up in whiskeys. It definitely has a boozy note to it. However, the banana flavor works well here. The fluffy texture of the filling is light and plays off the dense chocolate biscuit quite nicely. This is a really cool, flamboyant snack.

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